Author Topic: wintermute.i2p: Homebase of eepSpider, an I2P eepsite spider/collector  (Read 5460 times)

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eepsite: http://wintermute.i2p


Important: if you can not reach wintermute.i2p you should try it again later. Currently I am hosting it on my Windows box which is not 24/7 online. Until my new Linux box arrives you can try to download eepSpider from my eepsite.

Download: http://wintermute.i2p/download/

Welcome to the home base of eepSpider, a usefull eepsite spidering/tracking tool. eepSpider saves you time and money, because you do not have to check your favorite eepsites regularly anymore for changes. You just have to add your favorite sites to your eepSpider URL file and eepSpider collects (or tries to collect Wink) HTML files from the target eepsites and creates one big master file HTML.

Please note that eepSpider is currently a beta release and could therefore produce errors, does not work at all, etc. If you experience strange problems do not hesitate to contact me: wintermute@mail.i2p.


- Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package


- Mono 1.1.x

Important notes:

* The main development and test environment for eepSpider is Windows XP SP2 and Borland Delphi 2005. eepSpider is currently known to run under Windows with the original Microsoft .NET Framework although it should work with Mono as well

* It has not been tested extensively under Linux yet!

* Due to the nature of beta software not all planned features are implemented yet Wink Check back often wintermute.i2p for updates or much better use eepSpider to collect the desired information...