Author Topic: I2P 0.8.8 released  (Read 1800 times)

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I2P 0.8.8 released
« on: August 24, 2011, 07:57:21 AM »
I2P release 0.8.8 enables the new hosts.txt database to speed hostname lookups and store additional information on hostname entries. It also includes improvements to speed a router's integration on startup. There is new code to detect and react to large clock shifts that should help a router recover after suspend/resume of the computer.
 There are new translations for Danish and Ukranian and lots of updates in other languages. Also included are, of course, a large collection of bug fixes, performance improvements, and updates to deal with the continued rapid expansion of the network.
 Please help grow the network. Get involved, spread the word, and donate! If you find a bug, please enter a report on trac. We are still looking for help on new and existing translations. Please volunteer on IRC #i2p-dev.
Files are available on the download page.
Release Details
Major changes
* Enable new hosts.txt database for 10x faster lookups and ability to store additional information about entries. The database is created on upgrade, and populated with entries from the hosts.txt, privatehosts.txt, userhosts.txt files. Do not edit your *hosts.txt files manually after the upgrade; you must use the addressbook interface in the router console to add or delete entries.
* (New installs only) Wrapper and jbigi support for ARM v5 processors. The support added in 0.8.7 only worked for ARM v7 processors. We now support both.
* (New installs only) Wrapper and jbigi support for 64 bit x86 and PPC processors for OSX, and PPC for Linux. The support added in 0.8.7 only worked for 32-bit processors on OSX. We now support both.
Bug Fixes
* Fix some Null Pointer Exceptions in the console at startup
* Fix some problems with wrapper interaction at shutdown
* Fix several issues with "soft" restart, used when the network configuration changes, or when IP changes in "laptop mode"
* Fix problems with tunnel tests after the tunnel pool is shut down
* Rename the private key file for a tunnel after deleting the tunnel, so it isn't inadvertently reused when a new tunnel is created
* Fix several hosts database file bugs, and add improved corruption detection and recovery
* Fix cases where thread dump wouldn't work
* Speed up network integration for new routers and routers that had been stopped for a long time
* Fix a bug which would leave UPnP ports open after shutdown
* Fix UPnP errors when running on computers with multiple network interfaces
* Fix some of the character encoding issues in susimail (still has some problems)
* Change several log errors to warnings
* Lots of improvements in the router shutdown code
* Improvements in recognizing and reacting to large clock shifts (generally caused by system suspend / resume). There are still issues remaining. Large clock shifts now cause a "soft" restart.
* Increase the number of floodfills again
* Increase the number of fast peers for those with several local destinations
* Increase the default news fetch time, which will extend the network upgrade period
* Add the router version to the update file zip signature to prevent version spoofing
* Support readonly hosts database files
* Remove floodfills from the exploration search message, which will help exploration work much better.
* Increase the netdb exploration speed when starting up, to help new routers integrate more quickly
* Speed up the enumeration of floodfill routers
* Several other performance improvements
* New Danish and Ukrainian translations
* Translation updates for Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish
 SHA256 Checksums: 

     32f37cd5045040da2b162b7ffa8eccd096ea2101a963590d5c1d8a7b9be3f4cc  i2pinstall_0.8.8.exe
     522adf14aeac28281ec469f2f45c9d5ead73dd510784d5ad148aa505784a4394  i2psource_0.8.8.tar.bz2
     0155e67e86582c25911980d838de299890371e0957686a3463eeed248654a9b4  i2pupdate.su2
     a1aaadeba38c5ef946f4d041f4bf86d2f69f7ba01cc2c9274549c22241febad9  i2pupdate.sud