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FWD: Probleme einer anonymen Community
« on: June 26, 2004, 10:09:41 PM »

21.05.2004 15:37
Nemo hat geschrieben:
EIne Meldung auf CofE's (Content of Evil, langjähriger Betreiber von TFE) Flog (Freenet Log):

Quelle: http://localhost:8888/SSK%409G4s~jLQJB7ALQg-v2q5xKAJy9YPAgM/CofE//
Bring Out Your Dead
 20th May
As part of my ongoing quest to find out whether there's still life in Freenet, I've been trying to see if I can find out what independent Freenet applications are still under active development. Unfortunately so far I've found very little life at all.
Frost, the general message/file sharing client appears to have lost it's main developers to other projects, but there is some activity. Frost badly needs fixing as it still has quite an active community. Even during Freenet's hardest times I was able to observe a trickle of messages getting through. Lately I've even been able to download stuff with it.
Fuqid, the advanced Windows FEC file manager also appears dead, but I understand somebody is working on porting it to Linux. However, as the current version is pretty stable and feature packed anyway, perhaps the original author considers his work complete. I'd still like to know if anybody is interested in working on it though.
FIW, the freesite inserter, also appears to be dead, or at least I've not seen any sign of life on the development front in a long time now. I'm not sure if the original developer is still working on it. There's still a lot to be done with this one.
FMB, the trust based messenger, seems to be a long time dead. The last I heard the original author got tired of wrestling with an unstable network. This is a pity as I always felt FMB had a bright future as a decent messaging system for Freenet.
Basically I'd just like to hear from anybody still working on these and other projects as it's vital we start putting the Freenet community back together again, making sure we don't slip back into the dark times. It's all very well letting the fabulous Mr Toad and co beat Freenet back into shape, but ultimately it's also completely pointless if the rest of us aren't then going to do anything 'cool' with the tools presented to us.
Although I have been monitoring the Frost boards for a while now, I haven't really been using them much as previously trying to post a message successfully was always so very bloody difficult. I'm having a better time of it now, and will be launching support boards on there as soon as I'm completely satisfied it's viable. Hopefully we'll be able to get some useful discussions going.
I would of course be interested to hear about any other Freenet projects people are currently actively working on.

CofE ist eine anonyme Kultfigur im Freenet. Falls ihr ihm antworten wollt:
-per NIM (Nearly Instant Messenger) auf seiner Freesite, URI ist oben angegeben
-an seine anonyme eMail-Adresse

Der PGP-Schlüssel zu seiner Pseudoidentität im Freenet findet ihr hier:

Im Freenet ist die Community logischerweise ziemlich lose zusammenhängend und die Beziehungen zwischen den Pseudoindentitäten sind nicht immer klar ersichtlich. Immer wieder gibt es Leute, die etwas in Gang bringen wollen (z.B. Filesharing-Freesites), aber leider lässt sich kaum jemand mitreissen von neuen Ideen. Je nach Ausdauer der Betreiber verschwinden die Angebote nach kurzer Zeit wieder. :sad:
Die Ausdauer von CofE hat mich schon immer fasziniert. Als ich vor zwei Jahren mit Freenet anfing, war er schon da. Und  er fügt täglich seine TFE (The Freedom Engine, die erste Indexseite) und sein Flog "CofE" ins Freenet ein. Es ist erstaunlich, dass er nicht abgesprungen ist, obwohl Freenet lange Zeit kaum richtig funktionierte...