Author Topic: new paper: read/write shared memory - promising for anon/p2p systems  (Read 2351 times)

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hi there,

there is a new algorithm and scientific paper being circulated on the net, called RAMBO

see for yourselves:
"In this paper, we present RAMBO, an algorithm for emulating a read/write
distributed shared memory in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment. RAMBO
provides a highly reliable, highly available service, even as participants
join, leave, and fail. In fact, the entire set of participants may change
during an execution, as the initial devices depart and are replaced
by a new set of devices. Even so, RAMBO ensures that data stored in the
distributed shared memory remains available and consistent."

maybe this could be used for bootstrapping independantly from the soap servers and also handling the distributed database of the whole global datastore of stealthnet for example.

quicker searching and finding and comparing hash values, even tree hashes maybe for the future for chunk/sublevel hashes in addition for crc/errorcorrection and many other things.

good luck to all of us.