Author Topic: New secure P2P: Perseus  (Read 10637 times)

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New secure P2P: Perseus
« on: August 18, 2010, 03:37:58 PM »
Hi all,
I just read in a Forum an interesting article about a new secure system, and just translated it since it seemed promising to me.

A FireFox module against spying (and in France, against Hadopi)

« French government will hate this module for Firefox. the download and P2P fans will love it. A world first, developped by French.
It is called « Perseus », it was developped by the team of Eric Filiol, Director of the research at ESIAE (Superior school for automatic electronic informatic) and the laboratory of operationnal cryptology and virology.

When installed on the Firefox browser from 2 peers, it protects their connection against any « listening ».
It is: those 2 peers can exchange any data without risk of being spied on. Hadopi wouldn’t be able to do a thing. The only ones who could listen those connections would be the official state services who are the only ones having at disposal huge technical means (capacity of calculation).

What is the secret of Perseus that will be for the first time presented at (), a conference on informatic security organised in the Luxemburg from 28th till 30th october?

Eric Filiol explains:

« without entering into the details, we can say that we are coding the information with an encoder that changes each time, and that we add a noise unknown of the attacker. This noise prohibit the reconstruction of the encoder, therefore the uncoding. » This solution then, is not based on cryptology.

This module thus makes it possible to preserve the private life of the Net surfers against more or less legal listening and pirates that manage botnets (computer networks controlled remotely and being used for example to launch attacks against sites).

This plugin could also convince enterprises that could then discretely communicate without being spied by dispensaries of economic intelligence.

The Mozilla Foundation would be interested and would plan to install this plug-in in the next versions of Firefox.

Can be downloaded here :

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Re: New secure P2P: Perseus
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2010, 04:36:01 PM »
the real source of the perseus addon/module is rather over at googlecode:

amo (addonsmozillaorg) page of perseus is presently at:

looks all weird to me this project if you ask me.
its nothing new that you can establish a pretty much secured link between two nodes. that doesnt help rats for todays problems with hadopi, spyware and corporate, foreign or domestic government spying on endusers that much.

besides i wouldnt really know what data to exchange between to nodes using webbrowsers aka firefox. there are tools fore secure filesharing between a small set of nodes or even two nodes for ages already. even operating system means via vpn connections, ssh/scp/stp, vnc fileshareing, waste/nullsoft and loads of other stuff i cant remember and nobody can use and take part in all of those.

bottom line is, that probably nobody would need such an addon, or i simply fail to see its amazin usecases that todays available tools cant provide as of now.

what are they smoking in their labs? better send me some of it. need some new shit soon.  ;D