Author Topic: Alliance v1.2.0pre build (1272)  (Read 10909 times)

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Alliance v1.2.0pre build (1272)
« on: July 04, 2010, 11:30:07 AM »
a lot of work has been done these past months rewriting the hashing system, adding a theme system, adding a language system, and doing many many many optimizations and bug fixes. You'll also be pleased to know that Alliance's Auto-Update system has been redone and turned back on in this build. Alliance should now notify you of any new builds that we release and allow you to upgrade by clicking a few buttons.

1.2.0pre - 2010-06-28
* Added: Site auto-update. (Bastvera, Kratos)
* Added: Major internal windows have their size and position saved between sessions. (Bastvera)
* Added: Stop state to 'refresh' button. Scan can be interrupted. (Bastvera)
* Added: External updater program to support admin elevation. (Bastvera, Kratos)
* Added: Friend List -> Expand/Collapse support for groups. (Bastvera)
* Added: Friend List -> Online/Total Counter in groups. (Bastvera)
* Added: Ability to translate Alliance trough external files. (Bastvera)
* Added: Default GUI color scheme can be changed trough external file. (Bastvera)
* Added: Share Window -> Shares adding through old method (Dialogs). (Bastvera)
* Added: Share Window -> Quick Jump. (Bastvera)
* Added: New Share Window. Shares management moved from old Options Window. (Bastvera)
* Added: Chat History -> Public/Private, Chat Filter (Text/Links). (Bastvera)
* Added: Options Window (DatabaseTab) -> Manual DB restore. (Bastvera)
* Added: Options Window (NetworkTab) -> Ability to bind Alliance to specific NIC. (Bastvera)
* Added: Options Window (GeneralTab) -> Global/Chat font can be changed. (Bastvera)
* Added: Share View -> Download to... (Selectable download directory). (Bastvera)
* Added: French translation. (totalffantasy)
* Added: Spanish translation. (phisys.digitalys)
* Added: French translation. (tim-international)
* Added: German translation. (A-Hoernchen)
* Changed: Any changes made to shares will trigger break and restart of scanning. (Bastvera)
* Changed: All windows should be adjusted to 'netbooks' resolution. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Splash uses double buffering, should reduce text flickering. (Bastvera)
* Changed: New Splash. (iPierre)
* Changed: New Tray/Window icons. (iPierre)
* Changed: Some performance improvements in scanning. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Autobackup/Restore uses H2 native feature. Autobackup moved to 'before scanning'. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Increased External IP check sites from 1 to 4, delayed refresh. (Bastvera)
* Changed: UPnP uses local IP from binded NIC. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Friend List -> Selected friends remains selected after list refresh. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Friend list -> Updates are less CPU intensive. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Search function -> More polite CPU usage for big DB (25k+ files). (Bastvera)
* Changed: Updated H2 library. (Bastvera)
* Changed: GUI from Synthetica to Substance. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Group management -> GUI for easier adding/removing of groups. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Updated JNotify library, support for 64bit. (Bastvera)
* Changed: New Options Window, dynamic loaded pages. (Bastvera)
* Changed: Fixes/Cleaning of internal Alliance library for better performance. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: IndexOutOfBounds in share view when friend removed share but we still have old view. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Non existent download folder prevents downloading without warning. Alliance will use default folder. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Not sorted download order. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Sometimes DNS from friends were overwritten by IP. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Search function -> Ignore case, 'All' shows all. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Unable to start 'testsuite' on Windows (for devs). (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Right click for Non-Windows OSes. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: No more "ghost" friends on Friend List after removing. (Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Sometimes Alliance has been started in incorrect 'current directory'. (Kratos, Bastvera)
* Fixed bug: Misspelling, minor bugs . (Bastvera)
* Removed: Old, unused libraries. (Bastvera)
* Removed: Old auto-update. (Bastvera)
* Removed: rDNS (temporary). (Bastvera)