Author Topic: I2P 0.7.13 release  (Read 2247 times)

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I2P 0.7.13 release
« on: May 01, 2010, 09:50:29 PM »
The 0.7.13 release contains several changes and bug fixes to improve performance. It also includes improvements for the plugin support that was introduced in the last release. The new, smaller tunnel build message is enabled, to reduce overhead and increase build success.

Of course, there is the usual assortment of bug fixes as well. Upgrading is recommended.

Please help grow the network. Give the developers feedback on IRC #i2p or and get involved, spread the word, and donate! We are still looking for help on new and existing translations. Please volunteer on IRC #i2p.

Files are available on the download page.

Release details:


- Several bugfixes and improvements to the plugin support introduced in 0.7.12.

Streaming Library

- Fix a bug with window size adjustment that had a big impact on outbound bandwidth
- Fix a bug with handling duplicate SYN packets


- Rework several parts of the UDP transport to eliminate locking
- Lower the number of duplicate acks included in UDP to reduce protocol overhead
- Greatly reduce global locking in the bandwidth limiter
- Fix a bug that caused bandwidth burst limits to stay high when the bandwidth limits were reduced via the console


- Enable the new, smaller tunnel build message, to reduce bandwidth and improve build success
- Fix a bug causing routers with high clock skew to drop messages

Network Database

- Adjust the floodfill peer rankings to speed up leaseset lookups
- Increase the number of floodfills again


- Improvements to reduce the bandwidth in tracker communications


- Fix a bug preventing successful startup when the router.keys file was missing
- Enable pack200 in the installer to shrink the install file by 3MB
- Speed up hostname lookups
- Reduce job queue global locking
- More changes for performance

SHA256 Checksums:
c87161c16b8d86a02a95e763c5ad3455bd2ed6a03887040ff1c0853c224dcf01  i2pinstall_0.7.13.exe
b0b4f2dd1efc562fb36326df4b2da140413ad907fc1ac5f636f521e21208fd28  i2psource_0.7.13.tar.bz2
f8bf0b1e2bcc8921fb4f51d3751130dfbd855a2fc8afe0e0f6ea7eac1e95e4b0  i2pupdate.sud