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Why you should use I2P!
« on: March 20, 2010, 01:08:55 PM »
A lot ot different tools out in the wild trying to protect your private area. Lets have a quick look why you should use I2P and why not.

What is I2P?
I2P is a software package building its own net inside of the usual internet and routes data across that own net.
It uses other I2P routers to transfer data from the client across 0-15 other I2P routers to the target server. The number of participating routers are controlled by the source and target of communication.
The IP addresses are only used for the hop-to-hop transports, sources and targets inside the I2P net are independent of the IP (of the ussual net) and router IDs. The I2P router is written in Java with assembler parts and is public source.
Sourcecode, the router and associated programs could be downloaded free and changed by all, official distribution is signed via public-key auth by the main coders. Each commit into the source archive is also public-key auth by the author of that changed.
This manages to build up trust chains into the software - as in the net there is no trusted party at all, just your own router!

Why I2P?
Because you need it!
State authorities and private companies like google try to collect all your data and information you gave them (known and unknown). The LEA collect them and wait till they find a law against you and fetch the data out from this collection. Companies try to combine all collected data to sell more and make you buy more. Some even want to blackmail you.
Other usage is the guranteed free speech. In unfree countries like china, iran, myanmar or else people are not able to talk free and publish their own opinion into the net - they are hunted down and put into prison.
Another use case maybe just secure anon file sharing.

What are the advantages of I2P against others?
Beside the fact of a running net it has some really good point why you should use I2P and not other tools.
It is open source - everyone can check the code and control for backdoors, flaws bugs and other security flaws.
It is community driven and free of charge - you do not need to pay anything for using it.
It is a adoptable all-in-one tool, a lot of applications are already in use: eepsites (I2P websites), torrents, Gnutella, iMule (I2P emule), I2Pirc, Messenger, I2PMail,...
Low latency, high bandwidth - compared to other mixed networks the latency on a connection is far lower and bandwidth is higher
You can choose your own level of anonymity on each service you use, from non-anon to heavy-anon.
P2P file sharing friendly, no need to hide you file sharing activity, I2P can handle file sharing flawless and have lots of apllications already in use!
Big user support, over 1500 routers active all the time and over 6000 known I2P routes per month.
Easy to install and run, low ressource usage.
3 time encryption on all data including end-to-end encryption across the I2P network from source to target.

Why you should not use I2P
As all systems I2P has some disadvantages, which you should take into considaration.
I needs the Java virtual machine - Suns JVM does work best.
I2P is a mostly internal network - usual internet torrents/gnutella/irc/emule does not work.
I2P has only one outproxy - browsing the usual websites is better done with TOR.
I2P has no caches - all data is transfered live from source to target. If you want to share data while not being online, you should try freenet project.
I2P uses lots of bandwidth if you let it run unattended. If you have small bandwidth allotment by your ISP, set the limits on first run!
I2P connects to lots of other I2P routers, you (your ISP) sees lots of UDP and TCP connects to varies ports - if your ISP blocks to much connections, your I2P experience will not be best.
I2P does not hide your participation in the I2P net - if you want to hide your IP use the hidden mode or use other tools like MUTE.
I2P is slower than usual services - if you want transfer rates >10 kb/sec per connection, you should not use a anon tool, as all serious anon tools have bandwidth limitations.

Why not use a (paid) VPN?
Most VPNs just try to hide your real IP, but as they need to do accounting for your account, they got your contact information and name.
While they just provide a statement on their webpage for not logging anything, they must obey the law. Which includes: safing the IPs of customers and providing the IPs and addresses of their customers on requests.
You can believe in the statement of not safing IPs or you can trust other software not being able to safe IPs, your decision.
But WE believe in a trusted, unpaid service which cannot save any information you do not want to spent.