Author Topic: I2P 0.7.12 released  (Read 1792 times)

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I2P 0.7.12 released
« on: March 17, 2010, 01:06:01 PM »

The 0.7.12 release contains support for user-generated plugins. These plugins may contain console web applications, themes, translations, or standalone programs. Some plugins are already available for testing. We are hopeful this support will enable rapid development of innovative i2p applications.

The release fixes the blank-page bug when an eepsite is not reachable, and also improves handling of clock skews and IP changes. It adds support for a new, smaller tunnel build message, that will be tested in this release and enabled in the next release.

As usual, the release contains more anonymity and performance improvements, translation updates, and an assortment of other bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended.

The last 6 months of development have dramatically increased the performance and capacity of the network. Please help grow the network. Please give the developers feedback on IRC #i2p or and get involved, spread the word, and donate! We are still looking for help on new and existing translations. Please volunteer on IRC #i2p.

Files are available on the download page.

Release details:


- New support for cryptographically-signed user-generated i2p plugins. These plugins may provide new console web applications, themes, translations, web sites, or other applications.


- Ignore non-i2p trackers in a torrent, to "convert" a non-i2p torrent to an i2p torrent using i2p open trackers
- Add javascript confirmation to remove and delete buttons


- Implement NTP-style clock slewing to converge the router clock without jumps
- Implement clock updates based on peer average, for clock convergence even if NTP updates fail
- Fix IP change recognition for routers that are not firewalled
- Implement address costs, so a router can advertise its preferred transport
- Fix the router gradually losing geoip references
- Improve performance by removing global locks
- Remove some unused threads

Tunnel Building

- Implement a new, smaller tunnel build message, to reduce bandwidth and improve build success. The new message will be tested in this release and enabled in the next release.
- Accept tunnel build replies even if they are received late, to improve build success
- Improve performance by removing global locks

HTTP Proxy

- Fix bug causing blank page instead of error page on connect timeout
- Change Host: header from B64 to B32 to reduce the request size
- Eliminate redundant lookups


- Fix repeated console password prompts
- Russian, Chinese, and French translation updates

Network Database

- Increase the number of floodfills again


- Support unpack200 in the updater for smaller update packages and plugins
- More changes for performance
- Take library jars out of susidns and router console
- A new SOCKS IRC tunnel type, to provide IRC filtering and server selection in a single client

SHA256 Checksums:

a9033145b38cba2b35b37180a46101a67507943fc62ee4731bb60bccc80ef170  i2pinstall_0.7.12.exe
2bdfe7eaa0b7f2a48022a5834d9fd19b663bdc5fe216fb7ce43f57281efed968  i2psource_0.7.12.tar.bz2
31dd5ee3a47666d600a3a621224f1f73d4af17dce3e3e6ca8519971df3085052  i2pupdate.sud