Author Topic: Anomos is Open for Translation; Win7/Web Developers Wanted  (Read 2082 times)

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Anomos is Open for Translation; Win7/Web Developers Wanted
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:26:00 PM »
Good news, everybody! Anomos is now open for translation.

The best part about this is that we are using to do our translations, so you can help improve Anomos through your browser!

To start translating, click here and choose your language!

The best part about this is that launchpad automatically suggests translations, so you donít even need to know a language to help us out Ė you can go through a language and accept the suggestions (most of which come from Deluge and KTorrent). You will need a LaunchPad account, but this is easy and uses OpenID.

I only just put this up, and Anomos is already 25% tranlated into Turkish! How cool is that! With your help, we will soon have Anomos translated into all of the major languages of the world, and more people will be able to safely share files with each other!
In other Anomos news:
The tracker was down for a few hours last night while we were upgrading some things, but itís back up now (with some bugs fixed thanks to John). If you notice that the tracker is down, come into IRC (#anomos on freenode), or shoot us an email at so we can investigate.

We need a Windows developer! If you have any experience with developing Python on Windows, please get in touch! There are a few bugs (particularly with Win7) that seem manageable, but we are mainly Linux people here and we donít have any Win7 machines to experiment with. As usability is a core component of the Anomos philosophy, having a stable Windows version is extremely important and we need help in this area.

We also need PHP/SQL developers! A major bottleneck in Anomos deployment is that there arenít any places for people to host and index .atorrent files. We would like to develop a small package of web software that anybody with a spare server could put up to host and index .atorrent files which announce to our tracker. This is a crucial part for the next phase of Anomos adoption and if you are interested in the future of P2P and internet privacy and you have some web skills, we would love to talk to you!

I think thatís all for now,

More info: