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Translators wanted
« on: February 21, 2010, 08:25:31 PM »

As the net grows bigger and even users from Japan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Estonia, India, Malaysia and a lot other countries keep stable inside of I2P we want them to feel more comfortable with I2P. We search translators to translate the router console and the official webpage into these languages!
English, Chinese, Russian and French are mostly complete on Router Console.
German, Swedish and Dutch translation needs some lookover and more fills.
Website is still much to do.

If you want to help us in this topic, please ask in #i2p on I2PIRC or help yourself wiht access to our monotone database. for usual informations if you want to get involved with I2P development.
If you just want to translate, you need to check out the I2P source from monotone and work with the .po file for your language. At least the whole router console is tagged for translation!
A quick and short monotone ( - windows, linux) howto:
◦Install monotone
◦mtn -d db init
◦mtn -d pull i2p.i2p
◦mtn -d co --branch=i2p.i2p

And you got the I2P source on your harddrive. Work on the .po files and if you want to check in, get in contact with us on #i2p in I2PIRC or contact me here in this board.

Thank you for your help!