Author Topic: RetroShare V.0.5 mit Turtle-Routing  (Read 2226 times)

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RetroShare V.0.5 mit Turtle-Routing
« on: June 13, 2010, 06:59:40 PM »
Seit der Version 0.5 unterstützt RetroShare auch Turtle-Routing.
So das man nicht nur auf die Dateien seiner Freunde, sondern auch die Dateien der Freunde der Freunde und wiederum deren Freunde zugreifen kann usw.
Durch das weiter reichen der Suchanfragen und das zurück reichen der Daten wird sozusagen der sichere Tausch im privaten Kreis vollständig automatisiert, ohne sich mit Leuten verbinden zu müssen, die man nicht persönlich kennt.

Seit ein paar Tagen gibt es auch eine neue Version:

Changes for v0.5.0e

* Made a pass on the code in p3disc.

* Corrected some bugs:
- suppressed an unwanted return in packet treatment
- prevented sending info to a peer about itself
- changed askInfoToAllPeers() such as not to discard info from peers with
NODISC flag (because we especially need info for these)
- enabled receiving p3disc info even if p3discovery is disabled. Indeed,
disabeling p3disc is a measure of protection, so it should limit the
export of p3disc info, not the import.
- removed test discarding info about dummy friends, because it is useless
- don't discard info about peers that have the NODISC flag (meaning that we
especially need info for them)
- added safety check about received GPG keys. Before we relied on this test
being performed by p3ConnMgr::addFriend()
- added some debug info

* put correct (i.e. non conservative) size for RsDiscReply packets

* corrected bug in rsdiscitem that prevented RsDiscReply packets to transfer cp serialiser/

* switched ip addr finder to on by default (users seem to request it, and its not harmful)

* automatic removal of file lists from deleted peers, at restart (After double check that this does not alter exchange of file lists in any way)

* set heartbeat values to intermediate value

* added verification for file size computation (bug correction)

* augmented the heartbeat parameters, to reduce the stress on connections. Seems to help a lot when the traffic is high.