Author Topic: I2P version 0.7.11 released  (Read 1874 times)

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I2P version 0.7.11 released
« on: February 20, 2010, 12:48:19 PM »

The 0.7.11 release fixes several issues, some related to clocks, which prevented new routers from quickly integrating into the network. It also fixes the installer for 64-bit Windows. The release includes an update to Jetty 5.1.15 to fix this vulnerability.

As usual, the release contains more anonymity and performance improvements, and an assortment of bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended.

Please give the developers feedback on IRC #i2p or and get involved, spread the word, and donate! We are still looking for help on new and existing translations. Please volunteer on IRC #i2p.

Files are available on the download page.

Release details:


- Fix installations on 64-bit Windows by upgrading to launch4j 3.0.1 and adding 64-bit dll to izpack.
- The wrapper is still 32-bit only. 64-bit Windows users should start I2P with the 'No Window' icon if the 'Restartable' icon does not work.


- Better handle clock skews at startup, even if NTP does not work because UDP is blocked or other reasons
- Fix clock skew reporting
- Bootstrap profiles when loading the netDb from disk (broken in 0.7.8)

Embedded web server (Jetty)

- Upgrade to Jetty 5.1.15 which fixes this vulnerability.
- Turn on checkAliases for increased protection

Network Database

- Add some DOS protection for floodfills
- Increase the number of floodfills again


- Faster startup
- Bug fixes in i2psnark, BOB, clock handling, and more

SHA256 Checksums:

72e11e4b9f582b7e74f2f7b094e6154a2cf1deef318138b1aa07dfb8fb20cff7  i2pinstall_0.7.11.exe
19390692708479ebb172dccb0865aa7d64df5610c6176f161f45d60c31b0e291  i2psource_0.7.11.tar.bz2
0b289bb0368dd82b1975113d1173f7694ab6a3c036fb915cbf1d87ea1667c2cb  i2pupdate.sud