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need this translated please:
« on: February 18, 2005, 02:02:57 AM »
I need this translated in ITALIAN/GERMAN/DANISH/TURKISH/FRENCH please... by the real people (not the crappy bablefish thing or whatever)


1.  Changed tray icon tooltip from "MFC_MUTE_0.3" to "MFC MUTE"
2.  Fixed 2 bugs in the Download Queue code.
    -1-->   Fixed a bug when loading in the queued downloads from Downloadqueue.ini.
            In version 0.0.3 not all of the queued downloads in Downloadqueue.ini
            would properly be added on restart.
    -2-->   Fixed a bug where a queued download was automatically searched for and found, but
            in the process of attempting to resume the download, there were already 4 downloads
            active from the remote source.  Since only 4 active downloads are allowed from 1 VIP
            the queued item must be placed back into the queue.  The BUG was that the item was
            placed back into the queue, but the status text of the item was not properly updated.
            This gave the (invalid) appearance of many queued items searching at once.           
3.  Increased semaphore timeout values in Download Queue code.           
4.  Fixed code that adds downloads from the Search window that were already listed in the
    download queue.  After further testing of version 0.0.3, I found that this code was broken
    and duplicate items would show up in the download list.
5.  On the Downloads screen, when files are selected, the DELETE key performs the cancel/clear function.
6.  Increased semaphore timeout values in Downloads Dialog code.
7.  In the Shared Files refresh code, added a 1 millisecond sleep call to help prevent there
    thread from starving other threads of CPU cycles.
8.  On the Uploads screen, when files are selected, the DELETE key performs the cancel/clear function.   
9.  Fixed underlying code bugs related to the internal file chunk request timeout/retries.  This
    change should also help the overall network by preventing too many file chunk requests going out
    before allowing enough time for the responses to come back to the client.

-peace out...

keep it real,