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Alliance Beta v1.1.0a 1134
« on: January 21, 2010, 08:00:21 AM »
2010-01-11 23:18:39 UTC
This release brings some major, much needed, improvements. The most notable changes are that we no longer save hashes to memory. In staid things are saved to a localized database (H2). This allows us to display file sizes and other useful info a lot easier not to mention memory use is A LOT lower. The second notable change is that we now offer a native OS theme similar to how Firefox does there's. So if you're not liking the default Alliance theme because it's not looking good on your OS (We heard your crying Mac people), then you can go into options and switch to native OS theme. If you switch your theme you will have to restart alliance for it to take effect.

There have been loads of other changes and optimizations, to many to count. Bastvera has been very busy these past few months coding the H2 database and recoding old features that would no longer with the new H2 database. Kratos has also been very active this past month making tweaks and other much needed improvements to make Alliance more use friendly and less buggy.

* Fixed bug: DB bug -> The download doesn't end and shows corrupted file message.
* Changed: Tray icon size behaviour.
* Fixed bug: Support for Non-English characters doesn't work with Alliance theme.
* Removed: Alliance on windows will no longer automatically restart itself. (thanks Kratos)

* v1.1.0
o Bug fix: Auto detection of external IP in LAN mode. (thanks Kratos)
o Added: Portable mode to linux. (thanks Kratos)
o Changed: "Always automatically connect to new friends of friends" to "Always automatically connect to all friends of friends". (thanks Kratos)
o Added: Ability for plugins to insert a callback to the debug console. This allows plugins to add their own commands to the console. (thanks Kratos)
o Fixed bug: Removing files when scanning is in progress no longer break communication.
o Changed: View duplicates works again.
o Changed: Display of filesizes in ShareView moved to tooltip.
o Changed: DB memory usage reduced for big shares (100k files).
o Changed: Improved scanning of removed files.
o Changed: Improved database speed.
o Fixed bug: BufferOverload when using "send as link to chat" on folder with more than 512 files.
o Fixed bug: Several other minor bugs.
* v1.0.9
o Added: Display of filesizes in ShareView.
o Changed: Database changed to H2.
o Fixed bug: BufferOverload when you add folder with more than 512 files at once to download que.
o Changed: Some UI elements.
o Added: Native OS theme.
o Fixed bug: Several other minor bugs.