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Planet Peer FAQ (english)
« on: February 14, 2005, 07:15:20 PM »
Please find below the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: Where is the download section
A: At

Q: Why are all files from the download section compressed with 7-zip?
A: I consider 7-zip as one of the best free archivers, so I decided to convert all archives to this format and use it as the standard archiver. Both Windows and Linux versions are available:


Q: I only get errors when I try to download from the download section
A: Board and portal are not fully integrated. Thatīs the reason why you have to create one account for the board and another one for the portal.

Q: What about the Planet Peer Wiki and where can I find it?
A: The Planet Peer Wiki contains several FAQs for MUTE, ANts and I2P (planned). Important: You do not need a separated account for the Wiki so feel free to edit the Wiki content.
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