Author Topic: FreeLan a cross-platform peer-to-peer VPN software.  (Read 5047 times)

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FreeLan a cross-platform peer-to-peer VPN software.
« on: January 14, 2010, 09:09:07 PM »
What is FreeLAN ?

FreeLAN is a multi-platform and open-source C++ library whose purpose is to create secured peer-to-peer networks.

FreeLAN is also the name of a software that can create Virtual Private Networks ("VPN") based on the library.

FreeLAN is available for Windows XP/Vista/Seven (32 and 64 bits editions), Linux (32 and 64 bits) and MAC OSX (32 and 64 bits).

What is SysTools ?

SysTools is a multi-platform and open-source C++ library which provides object-oriented wrappers for commonly used "things" in C++ projects, like :

    * Asymmetric, Symmetric encryption algorithms
    * Hash functions
    * Base64 encoding and decoding functions
    * TLS/DTLS SSL sockets
    * XML parsing/generation/validation (using XML schemas)
    * Serial ports (COM)
    * Smart memory management (smart buffers)

SysTools serves as a base for the FreeLAN library.
How much does it cost ?

Both FreeLAN and SysTools are distributed freely under the GPLv3 license. So you may use them for any non-commercial project you want !

If you want to use it in a commercial project, just contact us. We may grant that for a small fee or no fee at all, depending on the nature of your project.
How to get started ?

Just go to the downloads page ! The source tree contains all the information you need and samples to get you started the easy way !

You may also take a look at the online documentation.

The FreeLAN protocol