Author Topic: Oneswarm 0.6.5  (Read 2113 times)

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Oneswarm 0.6.5
« on: July 28, 2009, 10:09:54 AM »
Hi all. We've just issued the first developer release of OneSwarm 0.6.5. The test cycle for this will probably be a bit shorter than 0.6.2. Features and fixes include:

- support for email invites
- preliminary support for magnet: and oneswarm: links (not yet exposed in the UI)
- redesigned settings UI
- startup speed improvements, particularly when sharing many files
- bugfix: download appear to have completed instantly, stuck in error state
- bugfix: downloading a single file from a collection creates many size 0 files
- bugfix: unable to enable/disable developer updates
- bugfix: forwarding and local uploads given equal priority
- bugfix: several deadlocks and race conditions

Leider ist dsa Autoupdate Feature für manche Leute in 0.6.2 kaputt, daher hab ich mal die 2 plugins welche oneswarm auf azureus aufsetzt genommen und in der version 0.6.5 hochgeladen.
Man muss nur die vorhandenen ordner damit ersetzen und das ganze sollte ohne Probleme funktionieren (zumindest tut es das bei mir).