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Kommute 0.19
« on: July 07, 2009, 08:25:27 PM »

I published kommute 0.19.

There has been much work done since the last publication. Some bugs have been fixed, new features have been added. My tests show excellent stability under linux. Under windows, stability seems better than in previous versions (4 days without crash), although I have seen some random crashes on receipt of responses to searches.

Thank you to all the developers and translators who have enabled this progress.

* added enable multiple kommute link paste to download
* fixed the bug that cancel selection file dialog from shared folder from "..." will set home dir as default, now it sets to empty.
* fixed do not move complete file from incoming folder to shared folder automatically.
* added "open file" and "open folder" in context menu for shared files.
* added chunks
* fixed bug : kommute starting with big font.
* added polish translation.
* limit broadcast to ALL to 3 neighbors to avoid saturating the network.
* minor improvements in client list management
* italian translation updated
* added russian translation
* added dynamic language change.
* set better layout with fixed size for Search Filter looks better.
* added swedish translation.
* added spanish translation.
* added bosnian translation.
* added chinese translation.
* corrected bug in web cache reading.
* added portuguese translation.

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