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TorK (KDE)
« on: June 13, 2009, 11:26:04 PM »
TorK - Anonymity Online

TorK is a powerful anonymity manager for the KDE Desktop on Linux and Unix systems. It first helps you to  install, configure and use Tor. It then reduces the task of anonymizing most applications to a single-click, includingFirefox, Opera,Konqueror,Pidgin, Kopete,SSH, and IRC.For advanced users TorK provides detailed network information, and more, in an accessible manner.

    * Browse anonymously on Konqueror/Firefox/Opera.
    * Send anonymous email via the MixMinion network.
    * Use Internet Messaging and IRC anonymously.
    * Create and manage hidden services.
    * Monitor your anonymous traffic.
    * Exclude and Include servers and countries from your use of the Tor network.
    * One-click server activation.
    * Build circuits and streams manually or automatically.
    * Filter servers by country, status and free-text.