Author Topic: Alliance 1.0.7 Beta 8  (Read 2347 times)

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Alliance 1.0.7 Beta 8
« on: June 15, 2009, 10:42:00 PM »
This version brings some bug fixes and some new features. Please read the release notes at the bottom if your planning to upgrade from Beta 8.
1.0.7 BETA 8 (thanks Bastvera) - 2009-06-10
+ Added: Search friend. 
+ Fixed bug: DNS names sometimes reset to IP. 
+ Windows Vista Solution (No more Permission issues! Except for the alliance.tmp which is used for auto updating Alliance). 
+ Added: Sound options tab. 
:: Release notes ::
For a fresh installation (no data folder):
By default Alliance now uses the application folder to solve the vista and windows 7 permission issues. If you want to change the location there is option to do it in view>options>advanced "advanced datafiles storage place (windows only)". If you chose to "use alliance folder" It will copy all data form UserProfile -> Application/Alliance and put it into the Alliance folder. It will also create a dummy file (standaloneVersion) to inform alliance that this is to be run as a standalone installation. If you do not see a "standaloneVersion" in your exe folder then place copy and paste it in from the zip file.
Garbage like logs/cache and old data folder are left for security/backup reason because if something really bad happen we don't want to lose data. You will have to manually delete them yourself.
For upgrade:
If you want to upgrade to this version and still want to have/keep data in alliance folder (ie. your file hashes, friends, groups, etc) copy standaloneVersion file from zip or just create new one where you have alliance.exe/jar. Copy your old data folder and put it in with the alliance.exe/jar. Then run the alliance.exe. If all works right, Alliance should load right up.
Download link EXE and Jar files -