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AnoTorrent – Anonymous P2P Bittorrent
« on: June 09, 2009, 08:58:48 PM »
AnoTorrent – Anonymous P2P Bittorrent (svenska)

A threatening existence where meetings on Internet more or less is unsuitably observed is here. Pay solutions for integrity protection is not viable in the long run and may keep origin IP-addresses that is traced to a potentially untrusted Internet access provider for identification. A modification in the IP-protocol to encrypted addressing using certified software in routers and network cards is what would be needed. The bittorrent client AnoTorrent simulates this at large and makes IP-surveillance nearly superfluous by its own anonymizing network in a layer on top of the Internet. In what is a disclosure the present random circuit between transmitters and receivers in the own network have to be infiltrated in the endpoint node and all other maximum number of possible intermediate nodes. Intermediate nodes act variable 0 to Maximum proxys so no individual traffic analyzer certainly can determine the actual sender and receiver. The circuit is changed regularly in order to offset network bottlenecks and provide optimum throughput in the data transmission. Data traffic can for safety be encrypted.

AnoTorrent is based on Azureus (“Vuze”) with integrated anonymization technology in the actual application implemented in an OSI Session Layer, and not through external software like I2P, Tor and OneSwarm f2f with more time consuming file transfers. AnoTorrent has significantly less switching overhead than applications on I2P, significantly higher own network utilization (100%) than applications on Tor, and a network bottleneck length less than ~25% (at Maximum=2) of OneSwarm at larger networks. AnoTorrent can exchange file data unconditionally between all existing users that have the client running just like usual BitTorrent - differing from OneSwarm. AnoTorrent is not dependent on a central server and tracker software because of Azureus own decentralized database, but uses usual torrent-files for file description. AnoTorrent can also be used together with Cubit's Azureus-plugin for a system searchable on freetext without torrent-files. AnoTorrent has a hard set but changeable 'stealth'-parameter (Maximum) for increased demand of safety as it is not excluded that future superfast own networks will be infiltrated by autonomous intelligent nodes. The goal with the anonymization technology is that it will become open standard for applications with distributed databases and symmetrical communication (peer-to-peer). Another thinkable product is a conference forum – Anonymous P2P Forum. Scandinavian independent professional computer engineers on the top level is behind this project.

We work with this project to the extent we find reasonable. You can support the project through contribution. Email for further information and questions about possible acquisition to