Author Topic: GNUnet 0.6.4 released  (Read 3770 times)

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GNUnet 0.6.4 released
« on: September 03, 2004, 09:22:05 PM »


2004-08-29: GNUnet 0.6.4 released
    Download GNUnet 0.6.4 here. This release features the largest changes in the dependencies in the GNUnet history so far:

        * GTK 2.0 or higher is supported and required (GTK 1.2 is no longer supported).
        * gcry is gone, hence libgcrypt (1.2.0 or higher) or OpenSSL is now required.
        * The GMP (GNU Multiple Precision) library (tested with 4.0.0 or higher) is now required.
        * GNU gettext support was added to most of the code (please contribute translations).

    Considering the magnitude of the changes, minor build problems on platforms that were not tested are to be expected. Please report if you have any trouble building 0.6.4.
    Other significant changes include:

        * make check should now run faster (shorter loops).
        * The GNUnet APIs were revised to use const wherever possible.
        * The RPC API now communicates which peer initiated the request.
        * The error messages were overhauled and hopefully made easier to understand.
        * The about dialog in gnunet-gtk is much nicer.
        * Support for namespaces was improved. GNUnet is now able to communicate namespace descriptions and other meta-data provided by the creator of the namespace. Users can search for namespaces by keyword and obtain an entry point into the namespace from the advertisement. The new features should also make it easier to advertise and find namespaces within GNUnet.

    This release also comes with some bugfixes:

        * Closing the statistics-tabs in gnunet-gtk now works.
        * There were various Win32 related fixes.