Author Topic: GNUnet 0.8.1 released  (Read 3576 times)

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GNUnet 0.8.1 released
« on: December 30, 2009, 01:04:36 PM »
2009-12-29: GNUnet 0.8.1 released
Download GNUnet 0.8.1 here.
Noteworthy improvements since GNUnet 0.8.1 are:
Improved DHT routing algorithm for non-anonymous search using fisheye-DV neighborhood routing
Non-anonymous downloads using fisheye-DV neighborhood routing when possible
Neighbor-selection code for anonymous routing was improved
Command line tools can now be used in ways that do not leak activity to local users (#1467)
gnunet-gtk can now be started minimized (#1395)
gnunet-pseudonym now uses a more sane default priority for namespace advertisements (#1472)
Fixed various HTTP transport-related crashes (#1487)
Missing image files are now (again) included in gnunet-gtk (#1475)
Corrected description of keyword options in gnunet-search man page (#1468)
Corrected descriptions on pseudonyms in gnunet-insert man page (#1480)
Double-clicking a column no longer starts downloads in gnunet-gtk (#1474)
Clicking download twice no longer starts a second download in gnunet-gtk (#1485)
gnunet-search now recognizes search URIs and does not treat them as keywords (#1492)
Various other minor bugs were also fixed
A windows installer and the source is available here.

If you have space and bandwidth, help testing GNUnet, run a node and publish content.