Author Topic: iMule 1.4.2 released  (Read 3687 times)

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iMule 1.4.2 released
« on: May 27, 2009, 08:15:49 AM »

Today mkvore released iMule 1.4.2 and I mirror the files.
Bugfixed some GUI stuff and shutdown of iMule if I2P router goes down.

Usual link: http://www.imule.i2p

My link: http://echelon.i2p/imule

And the non-I2P mirror: Windows binaries 1.4.2
MD5Sum of c1110d4d1cc65fdc09cf6bd53d30b5e9 Debian 32bit .deb
MD5Sum of imule32_1.4.2.deb: 777fe7021fecaa9e333d04b7a0c67987 Debian 64bit .deb
MD5Sum of imule32_1.4.2.deb: 513504a05bb529ad1260710d21aebdd1 Linux 32bit nomad
MD5Sum of imule32_nomad_1.4.2.tbz: acf3cd011718f2ee16b949844be2365b Linux 64bit nomad
MD5Sum of imule64_nomad_1.4.2.tbz: 5fd3bc55e1b54480054787a7448fe3a8 Source of iMule 1.4.2
MD5Sum of iMule-1.4.2-src.tbz: 224d3d91a2048293cc8e3c33501e2072