Author Topic: RetroShare 0.4.13a released  (Read 2450 times)

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RetroShare 0.4.13a released
« on: May 14, 2009, 11:59:36 AM »

We released a new RetroShare version with some improvments and bug fixes !

Changes for v0.4.13a

* Merged peer detail dialogs from network and friends tab
* Enabled multiple selections via mouse,keyboard,CTRL + A ...
* Added feature to can delete files via Qt::Key_Delete
* Added messagebox when cancel files from Transfers
* Modified libretroshare to compile on Cygwin / MinGW.
* Removed exceptions from serialiser (had troubles previously on win32).
* Modified code in startup (enable CRYPTO structure) and rsdir.
* Remove the downloads item for file index cache transfer
* Set fileIndex cache transfer timeout to 300sec
* Corrected setLogInfo core dump state.
* Added add the ip adress to the cert text for friend add wizard
* Changed Bad Packet message to log in network dialog
* Added "peer is typing" functionality to private chat.
* Moved Network Status Tab from Preferences to NetworkDialog
* Fixed the total Transfer rate is lower than the individual rate.
* Added grey user icon for statusbar when no Online Friends avaible else blue
* Added NAT status to statusbar
* Added DHT status to statusbar
* Added Network Status for Log Tab too
* Enabled toolbar moveable to all toolbar areas.
* Added view button for Network Tabs