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RetroShare 0.4.12d Development Build
« on: April 29, 2009, 08:32:48 PM »
Changes for v0.4.12d

* Added partially completed, as we move towards openpgp authentication.
* Tweaks, and removed debug statements.
* Added missing files (extaddrfinder & p3turtle) to Makefiles.
* Turtle tunnel management. In progress.
* win32 compilation fix
* Corrected potential mutex lock problem
* Implemented turtle tunneling.
* Fixed the bug with copypasting certifcates.
* Added new icon for Notify
* Set correct icon for Deny Friend Context Menu
* Added qmovie for InDirectoryCheck
* Fixed for win32 compile
* Polished drop down menus in the network tab
* Added Feature: user can set commands fo opening shared files with some external applications. First revision.
* Added automatic slicing of search response packets so as to cope with streaming packet size requirements.
* Added NULL gard in dhtPublish()
* Added a checkbox to control the use of external servers for ip determination.
* put back Network on the left
* NetworkDialog: - set the info in columns about trust to be more explicit
* NetworkDialog: - changed dark green into light green to comply with colors in the trust matrix (it's also more readable in light green)
* NetworkDialog: - corrected trust strings that appeared in the Last Contact column
* Changed "generate certificate" in connect friends wizard into "export my certificate..." which is more appropriate
* Added missing file entry
* Corrected compilation pb + pushed news feed out of release version + put back network in left most place.
* Added server-based ip determination as a fallback to existing methods. Forced Dht publishing as soon as an external ip is known
* Replaced doquit with normal QMessageBox
* Fixed compilation fix for cygwin
* Corrected the persistency bug
* Fixed file rename by using a common rsDirUtil function
* Added Wizard for adding friends



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