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ONLINE: testdownload pdf Knoppix - retter in der not
« on: January 16, 2005, 12:49:28 PM »

Just a test, my gnunet is running 24/7 now, but on with low bandwidth, so please be patient  :)


the result from a search with Commandline utility :

C:\Program Files\GNU\GNUnet\bin>gnunet-search knoppix
File 'Knoppix - Retter in der Not.pdf' (description: 'german pdf for knoppix', m
imetype: 'application/pdf')
        gnunet-download -o "Knoppix - Retter in der Not.pdf" gnunet://afs/4C6H57

or use knoppix as searchtext in the GUI

Verify of the insertation in the GUI:

Successfully processed file 'C:\Programme\GNU\GNUnet\tmp\gnunet-downloads\Knoppix - Retter in der Not.pdf'.
   URI is 'gnunet://afs/4C6H57JABNCPFA173BC69LQVDTH2B2HA.8QLS66KP1UE9CKI9BHHNRM4O9HPFDO7M.DFF26ED2.731553'
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