Author Topic: Kommute 0.18 Development Build  (Read 1979 times)

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Kommute 0.18 Development Build
« on: April 21, 2009, 11:10:20 AM »
Kommute 0.18 Development Build

* added clear filter button to shared files
* fixed bug that incoming folder holds file with hash name. now real name shows out.
* fixed bug that copy link from search research view cannot work
* added paste kommute link implementation done. located in download context menu.
* added stop a download file implementation.
* correct original "cancel" download action, delete both hash file and incoming file.
* correct original "clear" complete download action, that clear all download complete files from tree view.
* added a QMutex in Download class.
* updated default cache list.
* fixed bug : exit on options ok click
* limit number of results returned by cache.
* corrected bug when using Use_Majority_Routing option
* fixed don't respond to fileinforequest destined to ALL if we don't have this file.
* added start minimized
* added autostart with windows check
* added a spacer in connection page.
* cryptopp updated from 5.4 to 5.6.0
* correct a crash at exit.
* fixed close file when no more needed, to avoid to block the file.
* correct bug on windows : temporary file was not deleted when download is complete.
* rewrote a new AppLog class to log messages in log window
* added download priority and column
* added double click downloading file to pause, and vice versa.
* give setter / getters for download class instead of public fields.
* added priority high / normal / low / auto for downloading.
* added functionality of pause / resume downloading thread.
* added download link handling.
* added Set the directories for incoming and temp from options.
* fixed bug: when there are not hosts to connect
* added Filter for Shared Files
* added FileType icons and Type column for Shared Files
* added Context menu for remove a Shared Directorie
* fixed functionality related to maximal number of allowed connections.