Author Topic: RetroShare 0.4.12c Development Version released  (Read 2871 times)

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RetroShare 0.4.12c Development Version released
« on: March 26, 2009, 12:18:05 AM »
Changes for v0.4.12c

For the sake of increased stability, internal file formats have slightly
changed. As a result, prople using the new version will have to re-trust
their friends. This can be done efficiently using the drop down menu in
the network view.

* Fixed win32 compatibility
* Suppressed #ifdef TURTLE_HOPPING from libretroshare, as it s not anymore needed.
* Added a direct make friend button in the drop down list of network dialog
* Suppressed misleading ssl error.
* Secured the output of .cfg files and cache files. Now closing RS or serializing errors while saving these files cannot corrupt them anymore.
* Added a callback to notify when clicking on make friend button
* Made own avatar persistent. Next task will be to make friends avatars persistent too
* Fixed file moving between different file systems, which forced people to have their Incoming directory on the same file system than the Partials directory
* Invitation text contains only certificate information;
* Buttons for saving/opening pqi-files become more noticeable.
* Removed "Email" button from invite dialog.
* Update, during the GUI for invitation changes
* Turtle search now connected to the gui. Next move: digg turtle tunnels for fast download.
* Turtle dev. Worked on serialisation, mainly, and connexion to gui.
* Finished turtle router.Next task: turtle serializer
* Fixed bug: the MainWindow object wasn't deleted.
* Added history support in group chat; almost stable;
* Suppressed uninitialized memory read
* Fixed the ssl connexion problem
* Added another anti-lag strategy in This is to avoid connexion problems
* Started turtle hopping implementation.
* Added a rsicontrol global variable for compatibility with new notification method
* Added a workarround for the packet sending problem.
* Improved the gui to increase responsiveness (e.g. forum display, network discovery info, friends, msg deletion and selection)
* Improved the notification model so that it uses Qt signals to avoid core dumps,
* Update Wiki Link in Help Dialog
* Fixed win32 compilation compatibility
* Suppressed some debuggign output.
* Fixed a bug with wrong packet size.
* Set Refresh Rate for down/up speed on statusbar to 1000
* Added Uptime and Since to Statistics

Download RetroShare_0.4.12c_setup.exe

Source tarball

Please Post Bug to BugTracker
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Re: RetroShare 0.4.12c Development Version released
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2009, 07:28:59 AM »
ok, this are first steps towards turtle hopping :)

And so many other improvements.... I am glad to see this F2F-Software envolve!
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