Author Topic: RetroShare 0.4.12a Entwickler version erschienen SVN 984  (Read 2739 times)

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RetroShare 0.4.12a Entwickler version erschienen SVN 984
« on: February 03, 2009, 07:12:05 PM »
Development snapshot for Windows RetroShare_0.4.12a_SVN_984:

snapshot source:

Please Post your Bugs to the Bug Tracker.

Changes for v0.4.12a

* Implemented plugin system: first demo version
* Removed streching for Remote Directories
* Added icon Label for Messages Toaster
* Set userfriendly Column names for Remote/local Directories to Friends Directories and My Directories
* Removed not needed path show in Rank
* Set Qt::IgnoreAspectRatio for pictures
* Added for MessengerWindow the new getAvatar and updateAvatar function
* Added protocol for Avatar exchange in private chat.
* Redesign SharedFiles dialog with Tabs
* Set Font Size for MainWindow ToolBar to 9
* Corrected two nasty bugs in file transfer which caused random core dumps (at least on ubuntu 32 and 64 bits)
* Fixed font formating MAC OS X releated
* Set colors for Online, Friends, Network and set First Tab of Peer Details to first
* Set for Online Toaster Peer Online Bold and set TextColor
* Fixed directory problem wirh emoticons
* Added darkBlue TextColor for Connected Friend, Set TextColor Bold
* Put emoticon images and .acs file into qrc image file
* Suppressed line with pouty.png which caused a bug by altering actual html code.
* Added a layout to hashing info widget to get it left-aligned
* Regression of ft/ftcontroler.{h,cc} to svn=932 because the 933 commit (download queue) causes a large scope bug.
* Added to remove when deinstalling RetroShare to delete from APPDATA cache,Partials folder, *.cfg,*.log and *.conf files
* Added a "Trusts me" text field to the peer details dialog
* Replaced toText in MessagesDialog QTextEdit with QTextBrowser to get use a scrollbar
* Set context menu icon for Connect To Friend
* Fixed OnlineToaster's Picture Label Layout
* Set for Make Friend a Header Image and Text
* Added a display for file hashing activity using notifyQt class
* Corrected a bug in openDHT for 64 bits systems
* Added a Menu Entry for KDE/Gnome/XFCe
* Updated Changelog for .deb Packages
* Fixed time out unused uploads
* Removed march=i686 commandline options, causes problems while 64Bit compiling.
* Fixed error: �UINT_MAX� was not declared in this scope
* Added a Doxygen configuration file in order to help me sort out libretroshare...
* Redesign Login Dialog
* Redesign Online Toaster
* Switched to use autostart,it will be bether then Run with Registry
* Added for Messenger Window Share Manager Button
* Added for systray contextmenu Open Messages
* Set for MessengerWindow to use RWindow now
* Set for the Avatar Button a Background image
* Set for Avatar Pictures to use IgnoreAspectRatio
* Added QMessagesBox feature for the ShareManager's Add/Remove
* Fixed DirectoriesDialogs's Add Folder method.
* Set ToolTips for The DirectoriesDialogs's Buttons
* Added a callback in MainWindow.cpp to display info about hashed files.
* Added a callback to fimonitor to be able to keep track of file hashing
* Added svn version number in build script
* Added basic set avatar picture for MessengerWindow and Privat Chat
* Added second tab in Peer Details for Trust Settings
* Added Last Contact info to Peer Details
* Added doubleclick download feature
* Update Preferences and Settings forms
* Added context menu for Share Manager to can remove a Shared Directory
* Update RemoteDirModel's extension's
* Added tool tip and info to peer that trust you, in NetworkDialog
* small improvement in display of 3rd party trust info
* Added the infrastructure for propagating trust info through third parties
* Added to clean up completed cache files automatically
* Added to display peer names in transfers dialog
* Added two hidden columns in searchresultTableWidget to store the real size and srcId hash
* Added for Partials Directory to Directories
* Added New Share Manager