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Alliance 1.0.6 verfügbar
« on: January 07, 2009, 05:45:20 PM »
Changelogs der Fassungen seit 1.0.3

v1.0.4 is a maintenance release fixing bugs and adding support for Alliance network on a LAN instead of over the internet.

+ Support for using Alliance over on a LAN - look for "LAN Support" under options. This disables the port check and uses your internal IP number
+ If the settings file is corrupt the backup version of the settings are automatically loaded
+ A user friendly message is shown when a user tries to run Alliance on Mac from a mounted image
+ Added a command in chat windows: "/clear". Clears the entire chat
+ fixed bug: chat text field no longer looses focus when sending a message
+ fixed bug: Automatic upgrade dialog is shown maaaany times
+ Fixed several crashes

Version 1.0.5 fixes some bugs, adds support for tray icon on Linux without using native libraries and adds support for the Alliance Firewall.

Many thanks to Kratos who implemented most of the new features in this release.

v1.0.5 - 2008-09-20
  + Fixed subfolder downloading: when a folder is downloaded with subfolders, the folder hierarchy is now preserved to the least common path (thanks Kratos)
 + Much better Linux support - added support for the Java 6 system tray - no more need for native libraries to run Alliance on Linux (thanks Kratos)
 + Alliance is now allowed to start if system tray is not supported (thanks Kratos)
 + Generally better management of the system tray on various operating systems
 + Alliance firewall: IP Rules (Access Control Lists) You are now able to setup ip address ranges to specifically allow or deny alliance to connect to, or accept connections from (thanks Kratos)
 + Added support for Plugins - will be useful for people that want to create bots for an Alliance network
 + Friends that have not been online for 100 days are automatically removed from friend list
 + fixed wordarounds for top three most reported bugs (using the "send error" function)
 + fixed bug: when writing to a file into a alliance shared directory alliance continually tries to hash the file (thanks Kratos)

Version 1.0.6 is maintenance release that improves stability, performance and scalability of Alliance.

+ Improved search performance when receiving search hits from many (hundreds) of users
+ Improved performance of Alliance when part of a very large (1000+ friends) network
+ Joining as a new friend into a existing network works now much better
+ Improved speed of connecting to new friends
+ Change time from 100 days to 200 days for automatic offline friend removal
+ Direction of connection now shown in TCP/IP Connections debug window
+ fixed bug: problem in packet routing algorithm
+ fixed bug: files that are an exact multiple of one megabyte (1 048 576 bytes) now download correctly
+ fixed bug: when settings-file is corrupt the backup settingsfile is now correctly used
+ fixed bug: OutOfMemoryError: can not create native thread
+ fixed bug: OutOfMemoryError: out of direct memory buffer space
+ fixed bug: several ConcurrentModificationExceptions fixed
+ fixed bug: a bug introduced in version 1.0.5 where when joining a large network problems occured if you are firewalled
+ fixed bug: automatic hashing of files that are added/moved/deleted in shares now works again (thanks deathfired)

Scheint gut voranzugehen die Entwicklung hier...

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