Author Topic: RetroShare 0.4.11b Entwickler Version Verfügbar  (Read 2140 times)

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RetroShare 0.4.11b Entwickler Version Verfügbar
« on: November 22, 2008, 09:06:19 PM »

This version introduces the new file transfer and working Channels and forums.
I'm sure there are also lots of bugs ;) please file bug reports on the tracker.


* Bugfixes for 'sleep' issues under windows.
* Extra debugging for transfer module.
* Fixed channel directory creation. (extra 'break' statement)
* Fixed very slow transfers on Windows platform (uninitialised variable)
* Added Mutex protection to the core comms (pqihandler + pqipersongrp).
* Added a Mutex to the ServiceServer.
* Fixed, transfer start when subscribing to channel.
* Cleaned up p3distrib callbacks.
* Added holdQueue for transfer startup in controller.
* Fixed partial resume.
* Updated Mac script to only build library.
* Fixed compatibility bug in file transfer...
* Can now communicate between V0.4.9b and V0.4.11+
* Improvements to the file transfer algorithm.
* Increased max individual file speed to 1MB/s
* Bugfixes in CreateForumMsg
* Added auto update feature to the trust matrix
* Implemented a big trust table where people can see who trusts who, and who is trusted by who.
* Added Configurations to new file transfer.
* Enabled config in
* Enabled resumeTransfers
* Added new RsFileConfigItem to serialiser.
* Extended ftFiMonitor to use Configuration.
* Bug fix to add/remove Shared Dirs.
* Increased Channel/forum periods to 3/12 months.
* Create channels directory correctly.
* Added File Transfers to Config List.
* Connected statusChange() monitor callback.
* Fixed file sources in transfermodule.
* Fixed up transfer restarts / sleeps.
* Enabled opening files read only.
* More bugfixes for file transfer.
* Added File Transfer / ExtraList to channels.
* Fixed mutex deadlock.
* Added slow transfer for background tf.
* Added checks to FileRequest to accumulate peers.
* Added ExtraList callback
* Show Date in Network Tab using QT functions.
* Added multiple selection to the msgWidget QTreeView and setup context menu in accordance
* Added Delete key function to easily delete messages
* Enabled (and implemented) response to message
* Enabled for Uploads progess xprogressbar
* Added for Files Treeview File Typ icons
* Added for Files Treeview Folder icons
* Added Help System Dialog

SVN Changelog: