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RetroShare 0.4.11b Development Version released
« on: November 22, 2008, 09:04:37 PM »

This version introduces the new file transfer and working Channels and forums.
I'm sure there are also lots of bugs ;) please file bug reports on the tracker.


* Bugfixes for 'sleep' issues under windows.
* Extra debugging for transfer module.
* Fixed channel directory creation. (extra 'break' statement)
* Fixed very slow transfers on Windows platform (uninitialised variable)
* Added Mutex protection to the core comms (pqihandler + pqipersongrp).
* Added a Mutex to the ServiceServer.
* Fixed, transfer start when subscribing to channel.
* Cleaned up p3distrib callbacks.
* Added holdQueue for transfer startup in controller.
* Fixed partial resume.
* Updated Mac script to only build library.
* Fixed compatibility bug in file transfer...
* Can now communicate between V0.4.9b and V0.4.11+
* Improvements to the file transfer algorithm.
* Increased max individual file speed to 1MB/s
* Bugfixes in CreateForumMsg
* Added auto update feature to the trust matrix
* Implemented a big trust table where people can see who trusts who, and who is trusted by who.
* Added Configurations to new file transfer.
* Enabled config in
* Enabled resumeTransfers
* Added new RsFileConfigItem to serialiser.
* Extended ftFiMonitor to use Configuration.
* Bug fix to add/remove Shared Dirs.
* Increased Channel/forum periods to 3/12 months.
* Create channels directory correctly.
* Added File Transfers to Config List.
* Connected statusChange() monitor callback.
* Fixed file sources in transfermodule.
* Fixed up transfer restarts / sleeps.
* Enabled opening files read only.
* More bugfixes for file transfer.
* Added File Transfer / ExtraList to channels.
* Fixed mutex deadlock.
* Added slow transfer for background tf.
* Added checks to FileRequest to accumulate peers.
* Added ExtraList callback
* Show Date in Network Tab using QT functions.
* Added multiple selection to the msgWidget QTreeView and setup context menu in accordance
* Added Delete key function to easily delete messages
* Enabled (and implemented) response to message
* Enabled for Uploads progess xprogressbar
* Added for Files Treeview File Typ icons
* Added for Files Treeview Folder icons
* Added Help System Dialog

Full SVN Changelog:


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Re: RetroShare 0.4.11b Development Version released
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2008, 11:19:26 PM »
Now that channels are working, some more info on what they can do:

Channels are a way to share/broadcast a set of files to all your friends.
You create a channel, and add a set of files to each message. Anyone of
you friends that are subscribed will automatically download these files.

The benefits of channels (as opposed to other systems) are:

1)  Anonymous.
  There is no identifying information in the channel (unless you add it) that
   could link it back to you. Each peer knows which of there friends are
   subscribed to the channel. i.e. where it can get the files from.
    But you have no idea which one (if any) created the message (see (3)).

2) Authenticated.
   Although you don't know where the information is coming from,
    each message is signed by a private RSA key. This guarantees
    that all channel messages come from the same source.

3) Self regulating
     If you subscribe to a channel, the messages are automatically
     sent out to all your friends.... who can subscribe and download
     the files - This allows the number of channel subscribers to grow
     if the channel is good. Likewise - if noone subscribes to a channel,
     then it will not be  shared with your friends, and its audience will
     remain very small.

     Each peer will see all the channels that their friends subscribe to
     and/or have created. This should lead to the good channels will be
     subscribed and shared  and the rubbish ones will get ignored.

Current Channels Status.

The basic channels functionality works. If you are subscribed to a channel,
The files are automatically downloaded to the <config_dir>/channels/<channel_id>/
At the moment you need to manually access the files from this location,
as the GUI buttons to Play and Save the file are not connected.

TODO on channels:
  * Connect Save button.
  * Connect Play Button (must get smplayer working properly first).
  * Improve GUI display of channels (sorting order etc).
  * Display Channels popularity.
  * Channel Info only redistributed after a restart (To FIX).
  * Updates not 100% reliable.
  * should delete downloaded files after one month (save space).
  * Probably other bugs too.

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