Author Topic: HOWTO: Run OFF Under Wine in Linux (windows emulator)  (Read 3048 times)

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HOWTO: Run OFF Under Wine in Linux (windows emulator)
« on: August 31, 2008, 06:13:25 PM »
Maybe you want to see how the other half lives. Maybe you're like me and want to test the windows version after making modifications.

It's amazingly easy. Install Wine if it isn't already, under Ubuntu use the Synaptic Package Manager.

You should now have a menu item for Wine, go to "Configure Wine" and the tab "Applications", at the bottom under "Windows" select "Windows XP" then click OK.

Download the windows OFFSystem-X.XX.XX-win-installer.exe file from the project

And place it into your ".wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/" folder. Select Wine->Browse C:\ Drive and then double click on the installer. Just hit OK for all the defaults. OFF should now show up on the Wine menu under "Programs", and also at ".wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/".

It won't run yet, you need "MSVCP60.DLL". You can get it directly from MS but I found a Source Forge project that has it

You can use "Ark" to unzip the file. Place the file "msvcp60.dll" into the ".wine/drive_c/Program Files/OFFSystem/" folder.

You are now ready to go! Select Wine->Programs->OFFSystem->OFFSystem and it should run. You can also click on it in any Liunx side file browser, like Dolphin or Konqueror, and/or you can right click on it and select "Open With->Wine Windows Emulator".

It's strange to see, but there's OFF running in Linux, but it's a windows version. But it's Linux. But....