Author Topic: Why we need reliable UDP now  (Read 3061 times)

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Why we need reliable UDP now
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:36:25 AM »
It's just starting and it's going to get worse.

ISU Begins Blocking P2P, Launches 'BirdTrax'

"Illinois State University" .... "has decided to begin prohibiting the use of P2P and file-sharing applications and services on the campus network." (due to the Higher Education Authorization Act)

The Fall semester is starting soon and reliable UDP is needed along with any needed support for Wifi sharing. This is just one reason why we need this now.

The FCC rules for Wifi won't allow universities or other organizations to stop P2P over Wifi.

Universities have no authority or control over the airwaves owned by the People.

They have no cause or jurisdiction to spy on or regulate speed on Wifi networks since stations are mandated to accept any interference from other stations. No excuse that students are interfering with "campus wireless" since the university doesn't own the airwaves.

OFF V.19.24 has reliable UDP now. Anyone can apply the patch. It's tested and working and includes code that has been working since 2001 (from the University of Illinois no less).

The UDP code has to be switched on, so it doesn't interfere with normal TCP operation and UDP is perfect for a Wifi sharing network.

We don't have time for "not invented here" politics. The reliable UDP code (UDT) is written in C++, which always promised re-usable code. Making C code more like modules you can plug in to add features to software instead of taking programmer's time re-writing code that already functions.

If a C++ module is documented well a programmer should be able to just use that code without worrying about what goes on inside, saving countless hours of programming and allowing the programmer to work on other more important tasks.

We need encryption from node to node to be reliable for Wifi. The UDT code is robust enough to enable this, it's been tested and bugs have already been worked out.

The UDT code can be "frozen" at this point and only critical changes to the original UDT code would be needed in the future. There may be a worry that some sort of change in the UDP packet format may disable older versions but this is a small possibility since the interface is already working and tested on many systems around the world.

OFF is slow on a LAN connection, that needs to be improved if this is going to become popular on campus LAN or Wifi networks. Work needs to be done on other areas of the code too, not re-writing things that already exist and are working today.

If you people out there want UDP and Wifi support, you better start chiming in here.

Here's the patch and the simple instructions on how to patch the code
(see bottom of that page for file)