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HOWTO: Place and use OFF URLs on I2P for even more anonymity
« on: August 24, 2008, 08:18:24 AM »
You will be running OFF and I2P at the same time.

When you are done with the setup and you want to download something you will use I2P to go anonymously to a webpage which lists a lot of OFF URLs, you simply click on one and that will cause OFF to start the download automatically.

The OFF download will be faster than using I2P to download the file because there's no need to be anonymous anymore during the download of the OFF blocks.

When you want to upload a file to OFF, you do it normally but you place the OFF URL on a I2P webpage so others can access it anonymously via I2P.

The setup:

Install I2P, run it, set it as you like and get used to how it works.

For the best security you should use a different browser than you normally use, like use Opera instead of Firefox. This way it's easy to tell that you are using I2P and the browser can be setup to only use the I2P proxy for everything, except localhost ( of course. Make sure you turn off javascript, java and plug-ins (under Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Content, also Network->Proxy). Set everything to proxy port 4444 (see the I2P docs for more info).

I2P calls a webpage a "eepsite".

You can probably figure out how to find a OFF URL eepsite yourself, then you just click on what you want and OFF should start the download. Look on the Downloads page on your OFF client.

To place your uploaded file URLs on I2P you may be able to post URLs in the future to an existing eepsite made to post OFF URLs, use search on I2P to see if there is one.

If you want to make a eepsite yourself on I2P and place your OFF URLs in the page you make a very simple, standard html file (text format) and place it into the I2P directory eepsite/docroot .

To see your current eepsite and some info, go to http://localhost:7658/

The first thing to do is rename eepsite/docroot/index.html to help.html so you can access it later. Don't delete it.

Using a text editor, create a new index.html page, you can use the html code below and edit as you wish. This is a simple page that makes the URLs clickable from your I2P eepsite.

When someone clicks on a URL it will use the OFF loopback server on port 23402 (localhost) to start a download of the file from within the OFF client.

The link would be like this example for "gpl.txt":

If you are running OFF right now, click the link above and see if a download is started in your OFF client as a test.

Code: [Select]
    <title>OFF Links</title>
<br><a href="http://localhost:23402/offsystem/v1/text/plain/(the_rest_of_the_OFF_URL_here)">gpl.txt</a> (Size 17K, posted 08/2008)
<br><a href="http://localhost:23402/offsystem/v1/text/plain/(the_rest_of_the_OFF_URL_here)">silly.txt</a> (Size 2K, posted 08/2008)

Posting your URLs like this may take a bit more effort, but it makes it really easy for others to use and may attract more people to using the speed of the OFF System..

Once you save your new page, go to http://localhost:7658/ again and you will see your page.

You are part way done, you need to let others access the page anonymously through I2P by turning on the I2P "tunnel" to your page and letting others know it's there.

The easiest way is to go to http://localhost:7658/help.html and read how to do that, instead of me copying and posting that text here.

You can also read some of the howto's at http://forum.i2p/viewforum.php?f=17 (via I2P)

Remember to add the file size and date as I did in the example so that people will know what links are older and how big the download will be.

You can throttle your I2P connection, but not too much if you want people to get your eepsite faster (it's coming from your computer through I2P). The less "cool stuff" you put on your I2P eepsite the better, no graphics, and no fancy stuff will make it load faster for others.

You could also do the same on freenet.

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