Author Topic: FMS Thunderbird extension 0.5.0  (Read 7131 times)

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FMS Thunderbird extension 0.5.0
« on: July 05, 2008, 05:13:48 PM »
This site points to the last build of FMS thunderbird extension. It works for thunderbird 2.0.

Current release is 0.5.0 : Download here

md5sum : ab0dc1cd5329f91c78625ca1947f3c5f

This extension adds a trust bar to thunderbird message pane.

It displays a line similar to FMS peer trust web page, filled with trust values of the message sender.

A "set" button allows to change these values.

At first startup, extension asks to choose FMS server between nntp thunderbird server accounts.

    * With the first choice ("Try all"), extension will try to find FMS nntp server by sending FMS nntp commands to all servers. This option may be dangerous, because it may show that you use Freenet and FMS
    * With the second choice ("none"), extension will be inactive.
    * Following choices list nntp servers configured in thunderbird

Usually, FMS server is on

Afterwards, FMS nntp server can be changed via the "option" menu of this extension in Add-ons Manager.

First startup popup