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Alliance 1.0 fertig
« on: April 18, 2008, 01:48:29 PM »
After 2 years of hard work Alliance 1.0 is finally released!!

Biggest changes in this version are:

* File system events implemented on Windows: when a file is added/moved/deleted the share is updated instantaneously
* Fixed many, many bugs - including top 10 most occurring crashed
* Fixed memory leaks
* Alliance now checks that your Alliance port is open before you can invite people
* Usability improvements

+ File system events implemented on Windows: when a file is added/moved/deleted the share is updated instantaneously
+ Before creating invitation codes Alliance makes sure your port is open and accessible from the Internet
+ When scanning the share: files that have been removed are actually removed from the shared files list
+ Chat messages in public chat are now guaranteed to be displayed in correct order
+ Alliance is now easier to use: did some usability testing and updated certain UI details
+ Added new, fancy, speed diagram in main window
+ When looking at the share of a friend more stats are displayed (like total share size and upload speed)
+ The person that has invited the most people into the network is the "King" and gets a shiny star as his icon =)
+ Duplicate table shows filename first, then path to the file
+ Many improvements on the Mac version of Alliance
+ Added support for characters from East Asian languages - look in the advanced tab in options
+ Improved testsuite (for deleveopers)
+ When file database and search index are flushed to disk a message is displayed in the UI
+ Flushing of share database is made when user is away from the computer
+ When alliance is running in background mode it automatically restats every fourth hour by default
+ Added option to disable share scan when Alliance starts
+ Fixed the TOP TEN most occuring crashes! Used statistics from all error reports we've received
+ Fixed bug: Terrible memory leak when downloading many small files
+ Fixed bug: File where sometimes not moved from _incomplete_ folder
+ Fixed bug: HTML tags are no longer shown in system tray bubbles
+ Fixed bug: No longer possible to send empty messages in chat by just pressing enter
+ Fixed bug: Duplicate files list is more robust now
+ Fixed bug: Column names in duplicates tab where incorrect
+ Fixed bug: Files that are no longer on disk where sometimes still shown when viewing the share of a friend
+ Fixed bug: Private and public messages are correctly tagged in system tray bubbles
+ Fixed bug: Empty root folders are correctly displayed in view share
+ Fixed bug: NullPointerException when a friend is permanently removed
+ Fixed bug: When a user had Alliance running over remote desktop and minimized the remote desktop window the away-status was oscilating
+ Fixed bug: When a share is removed from the list of shared folders the files in that share are no longer shared
+ Fixed bug: Alliance window no longer maximaizes over start menu
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