Author Topic: RetroShare 0.4.05a RC1 verfügbar  (Read 2089 times)

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RetroShare 0.4.05a RC1 verfügbar
« on: April 01, 2008, 12:14:59 PM »
Hi All, 
With a long list of bugfixes, new HTML Chat & Msgs and Mplayer-enabled...
The new RS V0.4.05a has arrived and is available for download.
This release completes all the items that I suggested where required
before V0.4 becomes 'Default Download'. So consider this an RC1...
We will bugfix, but not be adding new features for the moment.
So the major new things to check out (and test):
-HTML Chat, and Msgs. What do you like and dislike?
-Media support. Play from local Shared Folder, or completed transfers context menu.
-new toolbars which give more real estate to the mainpages!
-Notification of hashing (icon on the right), and button to hash now.
-Link Cloud now shows Friend of Friend links.
There are also a lot of bugfixes, Major ones:
- Partial Directory exit(1) - FIXED.
- Connect with V0.3.52a exit(1) - FIXED.
- Offline Messages not forwarded - FIXED.
- see SVN logs for full lists.
Please download and test, submit bugs, and enjoy!