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tcpfile 0.3.2 released
« on: March 31, 2008, 06:42:57 PM »
I would like to introduce tcpfile shortly, I am one of the two developers.

What it is:
It is pretty much stable
It is a secure IM and File Transfer Tool.
It is easy to set up an encrypted connection, it is very flexible, both in its GUI and in its protocol etc.
You can create shares that have visibility settings for each friend, they can be browsed offline etc.
It supports downloads from multiple sources, resuming etc.

What it isnt:
It is not anonymous. It is a tool to share files with your closest friends and only them.


Please give us some feedback!

Changes from 0.3.0a to 0.3.2 (only most important ones)

2008-03-30: 0.3.1 to 0.3.2:
New Features:
Look and Feel can be changed on the fly
exe file for windows. Entry in the taskmanager then says tcpfile.exe instead of javaw.exe
Also it can help with downloading a suitable VM.
1.5 Release available (but not recommended)
Plugins: UPnP Plugin and Skin Package

2008-03-23: 0.3.0a to 0.3.1:
Quicksaving / loading of workspaces with Ctrl+F5 to save and F5 to load. Works with F5-F8.
Public shares
Path to config files on linux goes now to .tcpfile, it can also be used as a CLI while starting.
Bugfixes: Transfers do have constant traffic now, no interruptions.

We would really like some feedback!