Author Topic: GNUnet 0.8.0pre0 released (not compatible with older versions)  (Read 5171 times)

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2008-03-02: GNUnet 0.8.0pre0 released
Download GNUnet 0.8.0pre0 here. gnunet-gtk is a separate download and can be found here.
GNUnet 0.8.0pre0 is a pre-release. We are making this release a pre-release because this version breaks backwards-compatibility on many levels. In particular, 0.8.0pre0 peers will not connect to the 0.7.3-network. Moreover, 0.8.0pre0 is unable to access content inserted into the local 0.7.3-style database. There is no code for data migration, so all data will have to be indexed again. Finally, various features planned for 0.8.0 are still missing. The main goal for this release is to bootstrap the 0.8.0-network. You should only update to GNUnet 0.8.0pre0 if you are willing to help bootstrap and don′t mind not finding too much content initially.

Updating should be easy, simply delete all your old GNUnet data and run gnunet-update. Read the UPDATING file for details (on what to delete).

Finally, here are the reasons for why (given all of the bad news) you might want to update. Noteworthy improvements since GNUnet 0.7.3:

Integrated IPv6 transports with existing IPv4 transports (making full use of dual-stacks where available)
Added IPv6 support to the HTTP transport
Added new "hostlist" application which is an integrated HTTP hostlist server using libmicrohttpd
Added new tool gnunet-auto-share for automatic sharing of files in a directory
Added asynchronous search and download methods to ECRS (saves one thread per search/download for most GNUnet-tools)
Added self-evaluation (amount of trust earned, spent, awarded)
Added directory name as metadata for files in directories
Added options for gnunet-insert to just compute the URI or just add keywords to already shared file
Added support for pausing of a search (to FSUI and gnunet-gtk)
Improved GAP search requests to gather more search results (using bloom filter to exclude known responses)
Improved file-sharing datastores to return more diverse search results (randomized starting point in iteration)
Improved scalability of datastores to handle many results for the same keyword (from O(n) to O(1) by adding extra index)
Improved performance of make check by using a weak PRNG (for testing only)
Improved bandwidth consumption for file-sharing (reduced overheads by 64 bytes per 32k block)
Improved performance of the dstores (used for DHTs)
Fixed bug in DHT routing table construction (increases number of DHT connections, resulting in faster routing)
Fixed deadlock in gnunet-gtk
Fixed issue with GNUnet clients and GNUnet daemon running on different architectures (Mantis #1312)
Fixed deadlock in MySQL sqstore module

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Re: GNUnet 0.8.0pre0 released (not compatible with older versions)
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2008, 09:28:14 AM »
don′t mind not finding too much content initially.

Trotz deutlich weniger Peers, findet man ein vielfaches an Inhalten im Vergleich zur 0.7.3er Version, weil die Suchroutine enorm verbessert wurde. Leider fehlt eine Windowsversion für diesen Pre-release....