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WASTE verfügbar
« on: March 03, 2008, 04:02:12 PM »

- Added: 16K FILE_CHUNKSIZE support (compile it with _DEFINE_CHUNKZ)
Now this is an incomplete feature and will not be supported in the future this way.
The plan is that peers will negotiate the chunksize:
- send A->B request with chunksize_A
- send B->A reply with chunksize_B
- both will choose the smaller chunksize for the transfer, so it will be possible for
WASTE-s compiled with different chunksizes to transfer files...
For this the message id of the MESSAGE_FILE_REQUEST/REPLY has been changed, so older versions
won't be able to transfer to/from newers but hopefully the routing of the old message type is
still will be possible through newer clients.
As of this release the chunk size is fixed 16k if _DEFINE_CHUNKZ and 4k if not. - The compatible version,
if you want to use it with others who have older clients. - Experimental version filetransfer wise incompatible with the (and any else) clients.
This version will become obsolate, later versions of this line
will not be compatible with it. Till that enjoy!

- Added: Reveal hidden users option in Display
- Added: Encrypted user chat (merged from 1.6 build 421 jrack)
- Fixed: Nick color issue in encrypted chat...
- Added: Support for bigger FILE_CHUNKSIZE-es
  Can greatly increase throughput...
  For me 1m/s -> 7m/s on lan.
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