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Gazzera a secure peer-to-peer with Friends (new!)
« on: December 08, 2007, 11:33:42 PM »

Gazzera is a peer-to-peer file sharing application where you only connect to people you trust. It is targeted at groups of real life friends that wants to share files securely.

A secure, encrypted peer-to-peer (p2p) filesharing client where you only connect to people you trust (a friend-to-friend network). You can indirectly share with friends of friends. Support multi source downloads, sharing of partial files, ed2k and magnet

How it works

You connect to other friends by adding their ID much as you would do in an IM client. They must add you too, to make the connection work. In this way no evil node can connect to you or discover what you are downloading or sharing.

Differently from network like edonkey, strangers cannot spy you.

Searches are anonimously propagated to friends-of-friends, providing a good range of avaiable files.

Download and Install

Check the installation page.


    * SSL encryption
      use a secure encrypted channel to talk to your friends. No sniffing by any third party, like your ISP
    * Multi-source downloads
      download the same file from more than one friend.
    * Partial downloads
      download a file that a friend have only partially downloaded.
    * Web based interface
      use a web interface as UI. This allow many nice thinks like remote management (in a lan or over internet), running it in an headless system, multi user access, easy themeability, no dependancies on a widget toolkit, better portability, etc etc
    * RSS Feeds
      since we have a web interface, why don't add RSS feeds? Check your downloads from your favourite RSS feed reader!
    * Lightweight
      resources are not wasted. This program uses very little CPU and RAM. Try and compare it with other programs!
    * Per-chunk corruption verification
      corrupted chunks are immediately identified and deleted without altering previously downloaded chunks of the same file.
    * ED2K URI support
      paste any already existing ED2K url on Gazzera and it will recognize it.
    * Magnet URI support
      make searches using magnet uri
    * Clean resume
      kill the program anywhere and it will resume cleanly on next restart.
    * integrated chat
      send messages to your friends.

The program will also support an "open" mode. In this mode your node will accept any connection from strangers. This breaks all security but will enable you to find a lots of nodes. Use at your own risk.
Current status

Lots of things are currently missing:
# multi hop searches (already designed, to be written)
# Magnet link support (designed, to be written)
# A protocol to handle dynamic IP (design almost ready)
# Download from friends-of-friends (design to finalize)
# Web interface security to be improved.

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Re: Gazzera a secure peer-to-peer with Friends (new!)
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2008, 09:32:51 PM »
Hello, i released a preview version of the new Gazzera, with the new

The program is now based on two different executables:

node.exe (or node on linux) is the core of the program, runs like a daemon
and handle all connection and transmission. It has no user interface.
gazzera.exe (or gazzera) is the GUI, currently based on GTK, that connects
to the node and to which the user interact.

this architecture has many advantages, such as the ability to design new
GUIs, to run gazzera on headless systems, to run the GUI on a different
machine or over the internet, etc.

By now you have to manually run node.exe and then gazzera.exe, in future
there will be much integration so that all basic users can just run a single
program, while advanced user can still choose their setup.

To run the program:

- unpack the zip
- edit the node.conf, filling at least the nickname, and changing other
- run node.exe
- run gazzera.exe

Thanks, all feedback will be very appreciated :)
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