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Application allowing to chat, share files (multisource), into a small community. allowing to give rights (chat/download/upload), choose people you want to add to your community. Addons will allow to extend to new capabilities (port forwarding, ...)

all Changes :
from 0.5.2c to 0.5.3

  Bug: Corrected ask for friends one by second when user panel is active
  Bug: Service crash sometimes, when updating friends while trying to connect to friends (Reported by RCCrashPlugins !)
  Bug: FileType sorting was not working in search results
  Bug: Friends where duplicated in friends dialog in some cases
  Added: Some new Net parameters
  Added: hability to regenerate .exe.config file in case it is destroyed
  Added: GUI logs displays depending to profil log level
  Bug: When too many dynamic channels are open the request channel will crash (Reported by RCCrashPlugins !)
  Bug: When file is deleted while being hashed cause the service to crash (Reported by RCCrashPlugins !)
  Bug: when two action occurs in the same time on download list (Reported by RCCrashPlugins !)
  Optimized: Rewritten asyncaction engine in order to be used by plugins
  Bug: ProtocolManager Packet Parser do not find a registered protocol
  Optimized: DownloadControl reviewed to allow multiselect, delete key, path column added
  Bug: FileList updates was sometimes going wrong when moving files from a shared folder to another
  Bug: Corrected a bug where when the file is no more available the client continue to try to get it
  Bug: TreePath downloads create big packets that revealed a bug in bigpacket manager
  Added: TrayIcon

from 0.5.2b to 0.5.2c

  Bug: Multisource will cause service to crash when downloading the lasts blocks from more than one source
  Bug: IPV4 only client will try connect to IPV6 server even if os does not support IPV6

from 0.5.2a to 0.5.2b

  Bug: Trim all input fields because "" will reply cannot find ""
  Bug: Percent column can crash the GUI in case download is paused due to no enough Free space
  Bug: Information on upload file was full path filename, corrected to only filename without path
  Added: Plugins/Protocols in parameters
  Added: Informations panel in parameters
  Added: GUI for Plugins allowed
  Added: Last Connection date in parameters client to allow remove deprecated clients
  Added: Sort by name folders
  Added: File Types in search and FileControl
  Added: Save GUI size
  Bug: IPV6 bug corrected while try to start listening to default IP
  Bug: Add user to group remove it from Lounge
  Added: Icons in users, servers, filecontrol, Parameters Clients
  Optimized: Download will take random parts to optimize multi source traffic
  Optimized: Multi Source will download even if no full source client is available
  Added: Start wizard
  Removed: % on upload, no more know because of random parts
  Optimized: IPV6 tests are done, IPV6 now can be used in connect and server dialogs
  Bug: Twice reloading file shares in short time may crash Service in a particular case

from 0.5.1c to 0.5.2a

  Added: New language added : Russian thanks to Cuchuk Sergey
  Added: Lounge : To allow add rights to people that connected when we were not here.
  Added: Ability to share a file you are currently downloading
  Added: backup of Knownfile list in case of corruption
  Bug: Block 0 redownloaded in some cases (connection losts...)
  Added: Auto Pause downloads when Freespace on storage path goes < 1Gb
  Added: Sound notification when receiving new messages (chat)
  Added: Listen to a specific Interface only (in config file)
  Bug: downloads stay at 0kb/s because upload is tested before channel is finished open
  Added: Refresh content of a share
  Added: Colors change in file list when downloading
  Added: Double click on a file download it to default directory

from 0.5.1b to 0.5.1c

  Added: New language added : Swedish thanks to SteelRat
  Bug: Crash sometimes When downloading a folder
  Bug: Cancel does not delete downloaded parts
  Bug: Crash when opening context menu in simulate client vient : Disabled Right click in simulate client view
  Bug: Crash when loading a corrupted KnownFileList File

from 0.5.1a to 0.5.1b

  Added: Colors in files and search ( blue: in download, green: allready owned)
  Bug: Launch if finished was reversed (available only when not finished)
  Bug: Double click on a download allways try to execute the file (should only when download is finished)
  Optimize: Change some logs

from 0.5.0a to 0.5.1a

  Added: Click on links in chats
  Added: Download of folders
  Bug: CloseDynchannel crash when the client is disconnected
  Optimize: Standard logger with uniqueID when logging client information
  Optimize: Do not need anymore to restart the service when changing shares rights and virtual folders... now in realtime
  Bug: Save Known files sometimes corrupted Knownfiles.xml, needing to rehash all files
  Optimize: Plugins will analyse now first level of subfolders of the plugins folder, allowing you to organize plugins
  Bug: Bug corrected in plugins support when registering a new protocol
  Bug: download to... selecting twice the same folder add it twice to the lastusedlist
  Bug: Message from disconnected people was not shown in the UserInterface
  Added: ContextMenu on Chat to start a chat session (double click works too)
  Added: Parameter allowing to disable file logging (in config file)
  Added: Open Folder on download & Launch if finished
  Optimize: Better multilanguage

from 0.4.4beta1 to 0.5.0a

  Added: Plugins Support
  Added: Multilanguage choice at start

from 0.4.4alpha1 to 0.4.4beta1

  Bug: Sort does not Correctly handle FileSize > 4Gb+
  Bug: On upload error, (cannot access file) a crash may occur
  Bug: On close channel on disconnection, a crash may occur
  Added: Default values for folders and shares and groups
  Added: Interface to manage GUI Settings (language, remoting connection string)
  Added: Interface to manage exclude list of hashed files
  Added: Order between downloads

from 0.4.3beta1 to 0.4.4alpha1

  Bug: WebInterface wrong calc of update percent
  Added: add upload percent
  Added: Add version information in UserList
  Bug: Packet sent to more than one client would cause wrong cyphering, sample : look for source disconnect allmost all clients before 0.4.4 alpha1
  Added: Try to connect to client you know by asking to allready connected peoples
  Bug: bug in 4Gb+ files handling
  Added: AsyncActions to avoid slowing RingCommunity transfer speed when long actions occurs
  Added: Searchs !
  Bug: Crash when file is deleted or moved while being uploaded
  Added: Sort in files & Search (more to come...)

from 0.4.3alpha1 to 0.4.3beta1

  Bug: Try only once to open a channel
  Bug: Tries to open the same channel at the same time between too client circularly
  Bug: If the HashMap is wrong the download will continue redownloading the block at infinite, now set the download in Pause if too much errors
  Optimize: Interface little changes to better reflect selection and other
  Optimize: File is opened only when needed, don't try to open file if file will be Queued
  Optimize: Do not open a channel if not needed
  Bug: No more hashing twice a file when the file is in more than one virtual share
  Added : Show what you are sharing to someone or to a group
  Bug: Cancel finish the transfer only after last packets sent, corrected
  Optimize: Extension of file currently downloading are : .RCdownload
  Optimize: Do not try to hash a file with download extension
  Added: Log rollover once by week
  Bug: Memory stream helper, handled badly null arguments passed as string
  Bug: Update of nickname problem (in clientrights)
  Bug: Nickname was only renewed if restarting service
  Optimize: Add Randomize to Ping (to allow random direction of the Nickname to be sent)
  Bug: MultiSelection in Servers do only one thing
  Bug: UserList Groupe crash when parameters are null
  Bug: ParametersProfile : Wrong Userid shown

from 0.4.2beta to 0.4.3alpha1

  Bug: think file is growing when hashing a file of exactly (file.size % BlockSize == 0)
  Bug: Wrong HashMap is file is (file.size % 16384 == 0)
  Added: Public Version Information Exchange
  Bug: Corrected a bug when downloading from multisource, With bad validated blocks
  Bug: Tried to close file when not opened in case the user just left after connecting
  Bug: Speed Limit : Upload will stop if you activate speed limit after a period of upload greater than the speed limit
  Added: Add Friends
  Added: Queue Manager
  Optimize: Stop service no longer freeze for 3 seconds the Interface
  Bug: Case Sensivity in Files Tree making some file list appear in wrong directory

from 0.4.2alpha to 0.4.2beta

  Added: Basic Version information Exchange
  Bugs: closed channel why downloading because lastAction not set
  Bugs: corrected Not detecting disconnections
  Bugs: corrected Not restarting transfers on new connection
  Bugs: corrected Interface crashing when adding new folder
  Bugs: corrected Crash while canceling transfers
  Bugs: corrected Crash when Disk is not available
  Bugs: corrected No refresh when clearing finished downloads and canceling downloads
  Added: New colors to download bars and style from Emule Project

from 0.4.1beta to 0.4.2alpha

  added: Remote administration (interface is using remote administration) by default only enabled from localhost (no more need to firewall this port)
  added: Rights, full add of rights for file transferring
  added: Bandwith tracker
  Bugs: corrected some bugs making RC to crash

from 0.4.1alpha to 0.4.1beta

  Optimize: speed limited to 2mbps
  Bug: downloads never finished
  Bug: Canal never closed on disconnection
  Bug: Progress bar does not refresh
  Interface: change in interface by crypton

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