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New Anonymous BT Type Service
« on: October 02, 2007, 04:36:00 AM »
This service is for the sharing of new unsigned bands mp3s only.

 itsDargens Social Network P2P File Sharing (Testing)


Ready to test kerj, you connect to frends and share with friends, friend of friends and friends of friends of friends and so on .


Click on top left picture in TV.

(no need to login or register)

On next page, Click on START button where it says, "click here to start kerjodando:"

(IF YOU don't see START button but something else the download and install java from here .)

To get music you need to install the p2p thing by answering yes to install questions.

Then search for mp3* and right click to download music.

Then tell me if it works.


(What's new is that it should now connect through firewalls using a ruby implementation of STUNT).


Uses ANts p2p anonymous file sharing technology with added tracker to make F2F