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TCPFile 0.1.0 verfügbar
« on: July 12, 2007, 06:08:43 PM »

TCPFile Readme (2007-07-08)

Program version: 0.1.0 (first alpha release)

What does it do?
TCPFile allows you to send and receive files and instant messages (IM) to/of your friends over a secure connection.

So what does this program make unique?
- All the transfer is direct and encrypted, most of it is zipped
- Small clean User Interface. No bling bling
- Highly configurable over the xml
- You can make your own network easily (using a low security lightweight php server or a heavyweight jsp with mysql server)
- Good tradeoff between user friendliness and security

What do I need?
- Java 1.5 at least. Later 1.6 will be needed for the coming tray icon
- tcpfile.jar from sourceforge (
- Execute the jar
- An open tcp port is highly recommended (at least one of two clients needs one!). Default port is 9999 (you can change it after the first start in the settings.xml). Please configure your NAT in order to allow incoming connections on this port.

What do I do?
First start:
After executing tcpfile.jar you will be asked to enter a nickname. The first start may takes some time to generate your personal key.
Then a dialog will pop up and ask for a download location.
Now the main window will spawn and look very empty. Of course your friend is now looking at the very same relatively empty window.
First check the 2 icons in the status bar at the very bottom. Both should be green. If the port is red, double click it to recheck. If still one of the two is not green go to the section "Troubleshooting" in this Readme.
At the top left of the window there is a text field with "Name" in it. Type in your friends nickname and press enter to add him to your buddy list.
Directly below you should now see your buddy's nickname with two subnodes (this area will be called buddy list). The first should be his IP and the second is labeled "files".
If no IP is shown (black buddy icon), your friend  is either not yet connected or the nickname is not correct.
As soon as you are sure that your friend is connected, right-click in the buddy list (e.g. on him) and hit "Refresh". His IP should appear. If not please got to the section "Troubleshooting" in this Readme.

Now check the color of his buddy icon. Normally it is red which implies that he is registered on the same server but you have no active connection to him.
An organge icon means that you are trying to connect to him and a green one tells you that you have an open connection.

Left-click his nickname to see the instant messaging tab opening on the right of the buddy list. Alternatively click on the tab "IM".
To check if everything is working fine type "ping" and press enter into the lower part of the IM tab.
If everything worked you will receive a pong about a second later. If the icon of your friend was red it should have turned to green during this action.
Now your window should look like this:

| TcP File: myNick                                      |_|[]|X|   <- your own nickname
| Name       | [======95%====? ]                               |   <- insert your friends nickname and press enter | free JVM memory
| myFriend           | Threads | IM |                          |   <- buddy list with myFriend | show Threads | show IM | download hitstory
| |-  |-----------------------------------------|   <-  his IP (internet address)
| |-Files            | myFriend |                              |   <-  Files (what files you will send him) | myFriend's IM tab
|                    |-----------------------------------------|
|                    | 2007-06-24 22:45:09.187 myNick: ping    |   <- your ping
|                    | 2007-06-24 22:45:10.437 myFriend: pong  |   <- his answer
|                    |                                         |
|                    |-----------------------------------------|
|                    | It seems to work!                       |   <- insert here your messages and press enter to send
|                    |-----------------------------------------|
|--------------------------------------------------------------|   <- double click divider to rotate it by 90 degrees
|22:45:10.421: from myFriend => Packet => putTogether =>    |  |
|FINEST: filelength before decrypting:265                   |  |
|22:45:10.421: from myFriend => Message => handleMessage => |  |   <- the log console (set the log level in the xml)
|FINE: Sender: myFriend MsgID: 1 Command: IM                |[]|
|                   o port o server: 10                        |   <- green: server ok, orange: contacting..., red: could not connect to the server
---------------------------------------------------------------       port: green: ok, orange: connecting, red: blocked (double click to recheck)

So far so good, let's try to send a file.
Start your favorite filebrowser (Windows: explorer, Linux: Konqueror or whatever), drag a file onto your friend in the buddy list and drop it. You can see that the "Files"-node changed the icon to a folder.
Double-click "Files"-node to see the name of the file. If the file was large enough you can switch the tab "IM" to "Threads" and see an entry with a counting up percentage.

That's it for the beginning.

Check the settings.xml documentation:

Have fun using it and try looking us up under Stivo or manveru

Hey I'm an expert! I wanna know more!
Coming later...

As the program is alpha it is a bit, well... resistive. This section will try to help you fixing problems with it.

If your problem is not mentioned below you can try this:
CLOSE THE PROGRAM and go to the program's folder. Important files are:
  - settings.xml:        Holds all settings / options that are saved. Check the settings.xml documentation:
  - settings.xml.backup  Here is a backup of the configuration prior to the running version. Be aware that this will be overwritten when the program closes with the current one.
  - RSA.key:             Your personal key is saved here. This allows others to check if you really are the one you say you are. If you delete it you won't be able to connect with the same name as long as the server has you in the list (default: 1 week)
  - buddies.db:          Contains queued up / not completly sent files. Problems? Delete this file. It really doesn't hurt and can help a lot.

In a nutshell: If you encounter strange problems and even restarting doesn't help, close the program, delete buddies.db and restart the program.
If the problem persists close the program again and delete settings.xml in addition to buddies.db and filenames.db. You may want to back it up by hand in order to look up your settings and buddies later.

Buddy icon stays black:
 - First of all refresh the list: Right-click the buddy list and select "Refresh".
 - Check the server icon on the bottom. Is it green? If not, goto the section "Server status is red".
 - Right-click in the buddy list -> Refresh. To update from the server.
 - Make sure the name is spelled correctly
 - Check if your friend has started the program within the last week (by default, users are deleted on the server after 1 week).
 - Restart the program.
 - Make sure you and your friend are on the SAME server. Since you can edit the server in the settings.xml it may be that one of you is on a jsp- and the other on a php-server or the url's are not the same.

Buddy icon stays red:
 - First of all refresh the list: Right-click the buddy list and select "Refresh".

I'm NOT sure if my friend is online:
The program will automatically poll all contacts all 10 minutes by default, so there is often a gap between the last connection and the new setup resulting in a red buddy icon.
 - Right-click your friend and select "Poll->Once". (Sometimes you may have to do it twice.)
 - You may also try to ping him (send an IM "ping")
Normally he is not online if the icon is still red.

I'm SURE he is online:
 - Poll him as before. You may even try to use "Poll->Fast".
 - Restart the program and poll again. If the problem might be on the side of your friend, he should restart also. Poll again.
 - Shut down your program and delete buddies.db and filenames.db (if they exist) in folder of the program. Same applies for your friend if it might be him. Restart and poll again.
 - Do you REALLY both have an open port for the program (green port icon)? When only one has an open port only he can make connections to the others -> you have to wait until he opens a connection to you. Please configure your NAT (and/or Firewall) to allow incoming connections on the port (default 9999).

Buddy icon stays orange (and I cannot talk to my friend):
It's trying to connect to the other. Please wait for a moment to see if it times out. When it stays longer:
 - Try to poll him via right-click menu.
 - Restart the program

Server status is orange:
Orange indicates that it is trying to connect. Please give it some time. If the server is not reachable it takes some time until the status turns red because of the timeout time and the retrys that are done.

Server status is red:
The server status icon indicates wheter you can connect to the server holding the IP's for your contacts.
 - Right-click into the buddy list and select Refresh to reconnect to the server.
 - If you have changed the server in the settings.xml double check if you entered the correct server address.
 - The server may be down for maintanace. In this case you have to retry later or use another server.
 - Close the program and check the settings.xml: Delete the line <JSPAddress> if <UseJSP> is true. If <UsePHP> is true delete the line <PHPAddress>.
 - Last resort: Delete the whole settings.xml (when the program is NOT running)

Port status is red:
The port status icon indicates whether the server was able to connect to your port.
 - Double-click the port label in the status bar to refresh the status.
 - Are you sure you have an open port in your NAT / Firewall?
 - Check if the port in the settings.xml <ListenerPort> matches the port you forwarded.