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[DL] StealthNet 0.8.1 Build 2007.6.22.1
« on: June 22, 2007, 06:56:52 PM »
Changelog for Build 2007.6.22.1

Code: [Select]
2007-06-16      Changed the download strategy back to the one before rev. 148.                       ariah
                Incremented IDLastCommandTimeout from 60 to 300.
                The webcache thread will now remove the own IP from webcaches when
                the client is stopped.
2007-06-18      Changing of the routing behaviour                                                    Lars
                Loading and parsing of sharedfiles.xml is done in its own thrad with lowest          ariah
                priority to minimize startup time.
                Indexing of new shared directories is done in its own thread with lowest priority.
                The hash thread is also set to lowest priority.
                A newly added shared directory can now be removed during its hashing.
                Download resuming now checks if a tempfile has a valid file name (=hash).
                Switched back to the "very old" routing behaviour                                    Lars
2007-06-19      UtilityCounter decreased to release the network                                      Lars
2007-06-20      Inserted limit how many sources will be requested                                    Lars
                Update MessageBox reactivated                                                        Lars
                Fixed a "little" bug                                                                 Lars
2007-06-21      QUELLENSUCHE ABGESCHALTET!                                                           Lars
                search in the results for download sources for downloads in this client              T.Norad

Feedback thread for this release in english: will follow asap :)

Feedback-Thread für diese Version in deutsch:,3050.0.html

The 7-zip archive contains the binaries for those who prefer to just extract the new files to the StealthNet directory and the setup program is intended for users who like to set up their software with an installation program.

SHA1 Hash: 9913E77B736E0B2E31D9CE5437AFCF420F6612D7 stealthnet_0.8.1_binaries.7z
SHA1 Hash: C59A1D01074D5AC70D8046F57DAFE1C513539061 stealthnet_0.8.1_setup.exe

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