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[DL] StealthNet 0.8 Build 2007.6.7.1
« on: June 07, 2007, 11:02:51 PM »
Changelog for Build 2007.6.7.1

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Date            What?                                                                                Who
2007-04-26      Added Syndie support                                                                 markus
2007-04-27      reformat preferences design for Syndie support                                       T.Norad
2007-04-28      reload of shared files implemented and redesign of some classes                      T.Norad
2007-04-28      BugFix: error at opening the directory of a shared file                              T.Norad
2007-04-29      Bugfix: there will not be any longer an exception thrown when                        markus
                Syndie is invoked from within RShare and Syndie path is not configured yet
                in RShare preferences. Instead of the exception a standard messagebox appears       
2007-04-29      Added context menu with popular pre-defined search extensions in RShare´s            markus
                search function       
2007-04-30      Added auto reload of shared files. This function can be enabled by a new             T.Norad
                option in the preferences
                Changed the auto reload of shared files. The option in the preferences moved         T.Norad
                to a new preference control named MiscControl. The Trackbar is replaced by a
                ComboBox. Cause the Trackbar doesn't support real transparent backcolor.
                Position of MiscControl nested Controls reformated.                                  T.Norad
2007-05-01      Redesign of calling a system process. Calling a system process is now wrapped        T.Norad
                by a class named ProcessStarter. Through this redesigning, the Bug "opening
                the incomming folder" in TrayMode also fixed.
                Added pdf as another pre-defined search option and completed icons of context        markus
                menu search options
2007-05-05      Redesign of Logging. Logging extracted to a seperate class.                          T.Norad
                Modified pre-defined search options (.extension instead of extension)                markus
2007-05-06      Bugfix in logging class. Logfilename doesn't match the current date if rshare is     T.Norad
                running over night.
                Preferences option "write logfile" added.                                            T.Norad
2007-05-10      Error on hashing read only files fixed.                                              T.Norad
2007-05-13      Download-Resume implemented.                                                         T.Norad
2007-05-15      Added Framework Version in About Dialog                                              pantarhei
2007-05-16      Fileinformations of uncompleted downloads stored in a xml-file to load and           T.Norad
                display at next RShare start.
2007-05-17      Ticket #18: pre-defined search for .pdf files does work now                          markus
2007-05-20      Ticket #17: bugfix on sorting filesize in download and upload tab                    T.Norad
2007-05-21      Ticket #20: Reimplemented multilanguage support                                      markus
2007-05-28      Ticket #11, Ticket #22: Connection is now tri-state with tooltip                     pantarhei
                                grey      => no connection,
                                half/half => at least 1 outgoing connection,
                                colored   => incoming and outgoing conection established
2007-05-31      Ticket #24: Implemented FileTypeFilter for search responce                           T.Norad
2007-06-01      Language translations for FileTypeFilter added                                       T.Norad
2007-06-01      Changed project properties to new project name StealthNet                            markus
                Moved more strings out of the source code to resource files for translation         
                Changed most occurences of RShare in source code to StealthNet
2007-06-07      Final touching for release                                                           markus

Feedback thread for this release in english:,2913.0.html

Feedback-Thread für diese Version in deutsch:,2914.0.html

SHA1 Hash: 55BF97D293A2BF57DF9295DDC5BFF70C55C4499D stealthnet_setup.exe
SHA1 Hash: 52EEB27227CCF072D89F41392D998E88B937B87B
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