Author Topic: Stable build 5092: no more transient, Bugfixes, many changes  (Read 2038 times)

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Stable build 5092: no more transient, Bugfixes, many changes
« on: August 27, 2004, 08:55:20 AM »

From: Toad <toad@...>
Subject: Stable build 5092
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 21:37:57 +0100

Freenet stable build 5092 is now available. The snapshots have been
updated. Please upgrade, test, report bugs.

To upgrade:
On Windows, use the update option on the start menu, if it is there.
On linux, stop the node, run, and start it.
On any platform, stop the node, fetch and overwrite
your existing freenet.jar with it, then restart the node.

The md5sum of the above jar is, as of this notice, <>

Major changes: Lots!
- Implemented request queueing. Requests are held for up to a time that
  depends on the request (3-10 secs for requests, 3-20 for inserts, 60
  for local requests that haven't been tried yet), and this is used to
  prevent RNFs and route the right request to the right node. In
  practice this should mean "instant" RNFs don't happen, and RNFs on the
  whole are much less common. New diagnostics: requestsQueued,
  queueAvailableNodes, requestQueueingSuccess. Initial implementation,
  may not be as fast as could be achieved with more work. Please tell me
  if it causes unacceptable CPU usage on support@...
- Fixed a major bug that probably caused most of the transfer timeouts.
  This will not eliminate them instantly, but one of the causes if not
  the main cause has been fixed. Messages were getting lost on slow
- Increased timeouts, mostly to compensate for the fact that a request
  at htl 1 may get forwarded to several additional hops. This was
  causing problems with inserts.
- Fixed another bug which was causing problems with inserts.
- Don't update the MRI too often. Doing so gives away a lot of
  information to attackers and makes some queueing optimizations more
- Eradicate all remaining traces of transient support. Transient is now
  deprecated and doesn't do anything.
- Give old version nodes a chance every 24 hours if they haven't
  contacted us. They might have upgraded...
- Optimizations and other changes to connection opener management code to
  reduce CPU usage and prevent it from blocking e.g. message sends while
  it decides which connections to open, which can be relatively
- Minor routing changes - refactoring, sort order, nodes that haven't
  yet Identify'd, fixed the "No point 0" bug (the new estimators
  wouldn't serialize from StoreData or seednodes because of a typo and a
  more complex bug).
- Make work on Darwin. Hopefully. :)
- Minor datastore bugfix. I think. :)
- Fix automatic download of freenet-ext.jar for the distrib servlet
  (it's over 1MB and must be fetched as a splitfile).
- Default Open Connections page to less heavy "connections" mode.
- Synchronization, logging, refactoring, indenting, comments, etc.
Matthew J Toseland - toad@...
Freenet Project Official Codemonkey -
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